Obsession: Sugar Skulls

My first memory of sugar skulls was in 7th grade Spanish class when we dedicated a day to celebrate “Dia De Los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). We got to decorate sugar skulls, make traditional Mexican desserts and created makeshift graves for famous deceased Mexican people (my group had Roberto Clemente, the baseball player. Wow, I have a great memory).

To this day, I find sugar skulls so beautiful. I know skulls are typically portrayed as creepy or gothic, but sugar skulls are colorful, artistic and usually adorned with flowers. I even own a tank top from H&M with a gorgeous sugar skull print on it. Since the Day of the Dead is coming up in a month, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sugar skulls items I’ve been seeing around.

sugar skull items

Sugar Skull Earrings  /  ModCloth Dress  /  Sugar Skulls Calendar  /  Skull Watch  /  Los Muertos Painted Skull  /  ModCloth Cardigan  /   Dia de los Muertos Cocktail Napkins  /  Penelope Chilvers Dandy Sugar Skull Slippers  /  Sugar Skull Bracelet


  1. sugar skulls are really cute! I actually like skull prints in general and think they’e fun on clothing.

  2. Love these picks! I called out a Día de los Muertos post on my blog today and these picks are such great inspiration!

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