Tooth & Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume

tooth and tooth fairy

Last year, James and I went as the tooth fairy and a tooth for Halloween. It’s such a “basic” couples costume, but you can amp it up by making it yourself and adding cute details vs. buying a store-bought version.

Here are separate directions for the tooth fairy costume and the tooth costume.

tooth fairy costume

Tooth Fairy Halloween Costume DIY




For the top – draw an outline of a tooth on the white fabric (you could even find tooth clip-art online to trace if need-be). Cut it out and sew onto the tank top. I suggest sewing it vs. using fabric glue because the fabric is white and fairly see-through, the heavy glue might show through. And what are you, a costume amateur? I didn’t think so.

For the wand – follow the same directions as above to create the tooth shape on the white fabric, but create 2 teeth. Begin to sew them together, leaving an inch or two open. Stuff the opening with a little poly-fill so the tooth has some substance to it. Insert the tooth onto the wooden dowel and then finish sewing it shut around the dowel.


tooth costume

Tooth Halloween Costume DIY




To sew the tooth, trace the outline four times on your white fabric. You can make this any size you like, but I suggest making it a little smaller than your stomach/chest area, since that’s where it will hang. You don’t want the tooth to wear you, you want to wear the tooth. Or something like that…

tooth halloween costume

Cut the shapes out and line 2 of them up and pin prior to sewing. Sew the 2 pieces of fabric together, leaving a small hole for the stuffing. Stuff the tooth with polyfill and sew up the hole. Repeat with the other 2 pieces (one tooth is for the front of your body, while the other is for the back).

Connect the two teeth “pillows” with sturdy pieces of fabric or ribbon (make sure you sew these tight so they don’t fall off in the middle of the night!) This way, you can put the “tooth” on and off by simply slipping it over your head. The black straps will match your black top so no one will even see the straps.


  1. Aw this is so cute! I still have no idea what I’m doing for Halloween – and it’s one of my favorites holidays!

  2. This is adorable!!! I still have zero clue what we are going to be this year and it’s kinda stressing me out!! I just might add this one to my list of possibilities. 🙂

  3. What creative and unique costumes!!! Homemade costumes are way better than store bought ones! You look so cute Rachel!

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