Meet Bella!

black kitten

If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably already seen the announcement or some photos of the new addition to our “family”- our kitten Bella. If not, now you are!

I’ve always been a cat person and I’ve really missed Buddy, my family cat, since I moved out from home and into my own apartment 3 hours away. While James has never had pets other than hamsters and wouldn’t classify himself as a cat person, we agreed to get a kitten someDAY. I didn’t expect it to be a month-and-a-half into our lease, but I’m so glad it did!

It all started when I saw an ad for a kitten adoption in Hoboken. I casually mentioned it to James and he surprisingly agreed to go look at kittens. After a few weeks of back-and-forth communication and another trip to the local Petsmart, we settled on our new kitten. Funny story- I’ve only ever had male cats, and James really wanted a male cat as well (we even had a name picked out- Harvey!), so we went into the process looking for a male kitten, preferably an orange or gray one (James loves orange cats, while I have a soft spot for gray ones). But after meeting the selection of kittens, we fell in love with one from the moment we saw her.

black cat

From the second we stepped into the adoption room at Petsmart, Bella was all over us- in a good way. She purred the entire time we were in the store, was constantly vying for our attention, and let us hold her for long periods of time. She also had a playful side, so she seemed to be the perfect kitten.

But while Bella was being all cute and stuff, we saw another kitten we loved, too. This one was a tabby and was sweet as well. We were torn, but ultimately decided on the tabby because she seemed a bit calmer. The next day, I received a call saying someone had already adopted her. We were both sad, but in the back of our minds we knew Bella would still be there, and we HAD loved her, too.

So the next day we went in and received the warmest response from Bella again. We knew it was fate- the previous kitten was adopted because Bella was obviously meant for us (or so I’m telling myself). She was a rescue, like most of the kittens and cats at the shelters we looked into, and it made my day to know I would be essentially saving her life and giving her a good home.

bella the kitten

She was very scared at first and spent most of her time hiding under the bed or purring with us on the couch. Eventually, she began to warm up to her new home and showed off her playful side (she loves the red dot from the laser pointer). She still constantly purrs and loves attention. James works from home a few days a week, and the photos he sends me are hilarious. Here’s a few:

Much like a toddler, having a kitten is a lot of work. They need to be fed, their litterbox needs to be cleaned, and you have to constantly make sure they aren’t getting into anything. But the hard work is such a reward when you see her sweet face as she falls asleep on your chest or you see the excitement in her eyes when you bring out a new toy.

Prepare yourself for an occasional post on Bella. Afterall, she IS a part of my family now.

cat chasing lazer

black kitten 2

cat hiding spot

kitten claws

kitten in kitchen

kitten playing

cat laptop

cat computer


  1. Congrats! She is so cute. I’m a total cat person (my husband and I recently adopted a third one), so I can’t wait to see more posts about her 🙂

  2. Aw she has such beautiful eyes! Haha I love the one of her with the laser pointer – and all kitties love laptops!

  3. I can not even take how sweet she is. I love kittens! I’ve been dying for a cat but my fiance is sadly anti cat 🙁

  4. congrats! what an adorable little baby. pets are a lot of work, but i think they’re 100% worth it, and it’s especially great that your guy works from home some days & he can spend time with her!

  5. She is such a freakin’ cutie!!!!!!!! I LOVE black cats 🙂 Only known great ones! And she’s beautiful, just look at those eyes! Congrats to you guys 🙂

  6. Aaaaaaaah! She’s such a cute little thing! I grew up with cats, so I’m very partial to them. Truthfully, I grew up with bald cats, so Bella is much more attractive than mine ever were 😉

  7. Cute cat, and I love the name! She’s all ready for Halloween too. 😉 I used to have pet cats when I was a kid, but my husband is terribly allergic to them. 😛 Have a great day!

  8. So adorable, excited for you. I love kitty kitties and my cat is my best friend so I know how wonderful this must be for you

  9. Awww what a cutie! I love animals and it definitely makes me sad that we live in an apartment where pets aren’t allowed 🙁 My husband loves cats and if it were up to him we’d have more than one, but sadly for now we’ll have to wait. I can’t wait to see more photos of her!

  10. what a little cutie! I especially like the photo of her with her two paws up on the couch. She looks like she just spotted something good! haha

  11. Congrats on your new addition! She is SO cute!
    Pets are a lot of work (I got a puppy in January) but it all so worth it. I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

  12. She is so cute! I love her already! I have two crazy rat terriers that keep my busy, but it’s so worth it. They are spoiled and very much my babies. 🙂 Keesah, my girl, goes crazy for the red laser pointer and doesn’t let Chubby, the boy, get anywhere near it. (you can see their pics in the link 😀 )

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