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fall playlist

I’ve found that the busier I am, the less music I get to listen to. And lately I’ve been super busy, but have made a goal to try to listen to music more often (maybe I’ll start bringing headphones to work to get a half hour or so of music in). The change of seasons always ignites my brain and ears to certain songs, artists and types of music. Usually summer is more upbeat, and the transition into fall makes me listen to more laid-back indie tracks or, oddly enough, my old favorite bands. I guess fall reminds me of high school football games with friends, and I get all nostalgic and find myself listening to some embarrassing (or awesome) albums. Here’s what I’m listening to this October. What about you?

Daughter- “Youth”– It’s hard not to fall in love with lead singer Elena’s vocals. If you’re a fan of a more relaxed Florence and the Machine, you need to check Daughter out.

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova- “Falling Slowly”– I’m a fan of songs with a male/female duo, except for crap like the Black Eyed Peas. I love the relaxing and heartfelt tone of “Falling Slowly”.

Lorde- “Royals”– This chick is 16- SIXTEEN! She reminds me a lot of Lana Del Rey, so I’m hooked.

Miley Cyrus- “Wrecking Ball”- Judge away, but this is a good song. No, I’m not a huge Miley, but even I can admit that she did a good job writing this emotional song. As for the video… ehhhh at least Miley’s makeup looks good.

Young Statues- “Spacism”– This song reminds me of drives to and from my college. Something about it just makes me happy, even though it’s not necessarily a happy song.

The Neighbourhood- “Sweather Weather”– I’ve been obsessed with this song since the summer, but it only seems fitting now since it’s technically “sweater weather”.

The Early November- “A Stain on the Carpet”– Maybe I’m just SUPER excited that my boyfriend got me tickets to see their 10-year album concert, but I’ve been enjoying this song lately. Plus, when I inevitably spill some wine on our nice carpet, I can belt out the lyrics, “I spilled red wine on the carpetttt”.

fun.- “Sight of the Sun”– This song, which appeared on the soundtrack of Girls,Β is the token happy song of this playlist.

Imagine Dragons- “Demons”– Imagine Dragons are on my must-see list- if only they weren’t in the middle of an overseas tour right now. If you haven’t downloaded “Night Visions” yet, get on it!


  1. I love the entire Imagine Dragons CD! It’s awesome. Frankly so is Miley’s. I don’t care what anyone says, I love that girl. Haha

  2. I have been listening to John Mayer’s new album a lot lately… I am going to see him right after Thanksgiving so I am preparing. Also Of Monsters and Men. Love that. And I love wrecking ball!

  3. I can’t listen to Wrecking Ball only because I’ve watched too many parody videos and I laugh too hard. I just learned about Lorde so I am going to give her album a listen. And my friend just got me into haim- love them!

  4. Love this playlist. I totally identify…I used to listen to music a lot at my job and now I don’t…I need to start getting my music fix again!

  5. Oh man, Miley for the win! One of my friends let me burn his Miley CD and it’s been my jam at work! Love the play list lady! xx

  6. thumbs up on your playlist! i’ve been obsessed with Royals, I love it so much I’ve avoided listening to anything else from Lorde… I need to get over this one first. Loving The Neighbourhood as well but I’ve moved on from Sweater Weather to Afraid – the entire album is pretty awesome.

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