DIY Bunting Flags

bunting decoration

Our apartment is finally almost finished, and one of the more recent updates was the above-the-bead decoration. I had a hard time choosing whether I wanted one large decoration, a few smaller photos or a fun craft to hang above the bed. Mind you, I had to make sure it’s wasn’t too girly since I share the bedroom with James. I’ve seen bunting flags (basically triangle-shaped garland) all over and thought making my own to match the colors of our bedroom would be a great idea.

bunting flags



1. Measure a triangle on construction paper that measures 4.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide and trace it with a pen or pencil. This will be your stencil.

2. Use your stencil to trace the triangles onto the fabric. Cut your fabric scraps to measure 4.5 inches tall and fold in 5.5 inch sections. Folding allows you to cut out more than 1 at a time. If you want to stick to the simple way, you can just cut out each triangle individually.

bunting instructions3. Unfold all your fabric pieces and iron them to get rid of any creases.

4. Place two triangles (of matching fabric) together (fabric side out) and use your no-sew glue to glue them together. This makes the triangles thicker and prevents them from flipping over to show the non-patterned side of the fabric.

5. Once all your triangles are put together, fold your bias tape in half horizontally. Iron the crease so it’s even.

6. Slip the triangles into the open groove of the bias tape and glue both sides with the no-sew glue. Continue with all the triangles.

7. Get some nails or pins and hang where you please. I put mine above my head to add decoration to our bare, headboard-less bedroom wall.

DIY bunting flags

above the bed buntingcan you guess which side of the bed is mine?



  1. I love these but never knew that’s what they were called. I want to make one for my fireplace for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the DIY how to!

  2. those are so cute! and yes it’s quite obvious which side is yours – it made me laugh when i looked at the picture and “tried” to guess! 🙂 glad to see you’re settling in well!

  3. This is such a cute idea to spruce up a bare wall! Ive been in my apt ten months and I still have a a huge bare wall above my couch!

  4. This is such a cute above-the-bed decoration! My mom and I sewed yards and yards of bunting for my wedding, and I’m saving it now for my future baby’s nursery. I wish we would have thought to use fabric glue … SO much easier!

  5. Oh my gosh, this is darling! Buntings are so cute and I love your idea to use it as above-the-bed decoration – it turned out amazing Rachel!

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