How to Look Stylish in Rainy Weather

Sure, they say “April showers bring May flowers”, but fall seems to be quite rainy in the months before snow hits (which I’m so not ready for). Rainy days are a lot of fun when you’re indoors with no plans, but when you have to commute to work or class, it can be a pain to look cute, stay dry and keep warm. Luckily, most brands have included cute rain boots, vests, jackets, and umbrellas in their collections to help us get through the rainy days.

In college, I relied heavily on my bright teal umbrella and cherry-printed rain boots. Yeah, I liked bright colors and patterns. Since then, I’ve lost my umbrella and the rain boots have holes in them, so I think it’s time for an upgrade. Here are some of my favorites- what are yours?

rainy outfit

 Joules fox boots  /  Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat  /  Cat Umbrella  /  Joules white gilet


  1. Looking cute in the rain has always been a struggle for me! I also pitched my [zebra] rain boots after college and have yet to replace them. I love your styling ideas though, and those cute outerwear options!

  2. OK, I am not a huge rain person (unless I am at home preferably in my pjs in bed). But ever since I got my Hunter boots, I do not mind going out in the rain nearly as much! Now I need a cute trench coat! Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m not a rain person either! Which is why I live in Cali. We have some of the flimsiest umbrellas out here and if someone saw me in rain boots they would wonder what the heck I’m doing! I do have a really cute light trench.

  4. This post is beyond helpful for someone like me who lives where it rains non-stop during the fall and winter! Your teal umbrella from college sounds so pretty and I love that cobalt trench!

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