What’s Your Secret Language Name?

I remember in college my friend Ava had a book of birthdays. You looked up and day and year you were born and there was a page dedicated to all the personality traits, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of people born on that day. It was eerily accurate and I loved reading it. It turns out that book is also a website.

SLN.ME is a website that helps you discover the Secret Language Names and Personality Traits of yourself and others. It reveals a person’s natural identity. The website is so easy to use- just enter in your month, day and year of birth and wait as your results appear on the screen.

day of the unifier

My Secret Language Name Results

February 12, 1989

The Secret Language Name for this date, and for those born during it, is… The Extended Unifier

Traits of this day: Many-faceted, protective, conceptual, intolerant, unyielding and closed.

Meditation: “Without breakdown and decay there would be no rejuvenation.”


  • Remain objective and open.
  • Examine your belief system and be prepared to reject those aspects that are no longer true.
  • Flexibility is strength.
  • Keep your critical nature under control.

Personality of this day: February 12 people display a marked ability to unify disparate elements in their environment. Whether bringing together a troubled family, healing a rift between friends or demonstrating leadership to resolve disputes in organizations, they can often be found bridging the gaps between people.

February 12 people are many-sided individuals with varied talents and therefore an added challenge for them is to unite the disparate facets of their own personality. Too often their versatility works against them and subverts their purpose in organizing their career and personal concerns. Furthermore, their stubbornness once they have made up their mind and a refusal to change course can create difficulties. Faced with problems they may just try to ram their way through rather than seek compromise.

Just walking away or quitting goes against the grain for most February 12 people, but they may come to realize that the greatest courage can sometimes be demonstrated in following the path of non-action.

Born this day: Christina Ricci (whaddup Casper?), Arsenio Hall (so this means I will become a comedian in the future?), Judy Blume (or a writer?), and Abraham Lincoln (my main man).

My take on all of this

While I’m not entirely sure what an extended unifier is, a lot of this makes sense. For example, all of the “traits of this day” fit me well. I’m super protective of people and things I love, I’m intolerant of people who, quite frankly, don’t deserve to be tolerated and I’m many-faceted in the sense that I enjoy doing a variety of things (and am semi-good at most of them).

The mediation quote is perfection. I’m a firm believer that you need to have “downs” to balance the “ups”. As a realist who isn’t afraid of being honest about both the good and the bad, I completely agree that sometimes failing is the best way to recover and grow.

As far as my “personality”, they hit the nail on the head. I’m stubborn. I enjoy bringing people together (I did set up two of my college friends who are still together after 4 years!) I hate quitting or ending things- I’d much rather find a solution or make it work before resulting in that.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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