Thoughts on Black Cats

black cat halloween

It’s no secret that I love cats, but I have a soft spot in my heart for black cats. My first ever cat was a pet kitten named Max. We got him when I was a teenager and sadly a few years later he passed away from a sickness. Then a few months ago, James and I adopted a black kitten named Bella and the obsession continued.

There’s a lot of stigma and folklore surrounding black cats, which I think is silly. People are superstitious and think they are bad luck or are scared of them because you can’t see them as well in the dark (which makes me laugh). Did you know that black cats are the least likely to be adopted? In addition to all the great things about them shown in that infographic, they are the perfect Halloween decoration. Just look at my attempts at a cute Halloween cat photoshoot below.

black cat and pumpkin

black cat pumpkin

cat and pumpkin

curious black cat

If you’re anything like me, you continue your love for cats over to your wardrobe, home decor or jewelry collection. And with Halloween right around the corner (aka tomorrow), these items are just puuuurfect. Sorry, I had to.

black cat clothing

Black Cat Sweater  /  Cat Knit Beanie  /  Marc Jacobs Animal Zip Pouch  / Kate Spade Cat Mask Coin Purse  /  Cat Leggings  /  Feline Dress  /  Betsey Johnson Cat Cuff Bracelet  /  Cat Tea Set  /  Black Cat Necklace  /  Levtex ‘Sophisticat’ Pillow  /  Cat Loafer Flats


  1. When I saw the pic of pretty Bella, I just had to open your post first! She is getting so big already, isn’t it funny how they grow so fast? One of the reasons I adopted my little Oliver was because he was black, as I know they have a harder time finding homes. I’ve also heard of people doing really cruel things to black cats around this time of year, some shelters even go as far as to not let black cats be adopted for the entire month of October! Love the photo of her peeking around the corner 🙂

  2. I don’t believe in the superstitions at all. A cat is a cat is a cat. If the stupid tale was about orange cats instead of black ones then they’d be the least adopted ones too. So silly.

  3. Awwww. That is so incredibly sad. I think all animals are adorable but that just makes me super sad that black animals don’t get adopted as much!

  4. great post and Bella is lovely. I’ve had 2 black cats – Midnight, who lived to be almost 20, and Sidney who we only had for 2 weeks before he died 🙁
    Sadly, in my part of the world a lot of people hate cats and kill or torture them, black or any other color. I don’t understand people who could do those things. My life just doesn’t feel right unless I have a cat.

  5. Ah bella is too cute! I used to volunteer at an animal shelter and we used to have this huge list of reasons why to adopt a black cat because we knew they always went last, I personally think they are adorable! I already have black kitty loafers but I could always use more cat in my wardrobe!

  6. Bella is such a cutie! It’s funny because I was telling my sister the other day how I need to buy a pumpkin and have a photoshoot with Macey. She probably wouldn’t sit still long enough though! I never knew that black cats were the least likely to be adopted! Now I feel extra good about giving Macey a home 🙂

  7. I have always wanted a black cat. Ever since I was a kid I wanted a black cat who would follow me around so I could name it Shadow. Now as an adult if I get a cat, a black cat would not only be cute, anything he shed would blend in with my mainly black furniture and wardrobe lol.

  8. I two cats that are brother and sister. One black and one a tuxedo. They are the most gorgeous and fun cats I’ve ever had! So fluffy!

  9. I LOVE black cats! My kitty back home is black and I miss him so much 🙁 I didn’t know they were less likely to be adopted, that’s so sad. Now I want to adopt all the black cats….dangerous….

  10. That makes me so sad to hear about black cats not getting adopted. We have a black cat and just adore him. We rescued him…someone decided to move out of their apartment and just left him in there on his own. Anyway, I’m all for cats…in particular, black cats. xoxo

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