Life Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way

I’d like to think that being in my mid-20’s means that I have my shit together, but sometimes I make terrible mistakes that make me think otherwise. Whether it’s something silly like trying a new item on the menu or something serious like putting too much trust in someone you just met, I’ve probably gone through each and every one. I mean, this blog post could even become a series with the amount of lessons I learn the hard way each and every day. But for now, here’s a few.

designer bandaids

Always have Band-Aids with you

Since I’ve moved and started my new job, I’ve scraped my toe (the same one) twice on uneven sidewalks. Granted, this wouldn’t have been as bad if I wasn’t wearing sandals, but it was summer, so give me a break! One happened when I was moving in my new apartment and was easily cleaned by my mom and the second happened on a Monday morning on my way to work. AKA I was the girl with the bloody toe/sandal on the train and my walk to work, since I didn’t have a Band-Aid on me.


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Always back up your files

No matter how great your virus protection is, how new your laptop is or how amazing luck you have, chances are high that at one point or another, your computer will fail on you and your hard-drive will be wiped. This has happened probably 3 times total, first on my family’s desktop and later on a faulty laptop (I was only 3 months in with it). This means all my photos, music and documents were gone. Forever. In a black hole. So be smart and get an external hard drive (I got a huge one for around $100, but it’s so worth it) and back your things up at least once a month.


trust your gut

Always go with your gut

If your tummy is telling you that your boyfriend is sneaking around, chances are he is. If your tummy tells you that walking home from the bar sounds sketchy, it probably is. And finally, if your tummy tells you you’re about to throw up, you probably will. Find a bathroom or trash can ASAP before anyone sees/hears you. No one enjoys vomiting in public. But in all seriousness, you and your body knows you the best, so listen to it.

What are some life lessons you’ve learned the hard way?


  1. ugh I reallllly need to make a better point of backing up the files on my computer. I’ve had a few unlucky experiences where I didn’t back anything up so you’d think that I’d learn, huh?

  2. HA I pretty much fail on all accounts when it comes to the lessons you just talked about. Another one I’d add: Wear sunscreen even when you think you don’t need it (I’ve gotten much more diligent about this as I’ve gotten older but that’s thanks to getting way too many sunburns)

  3. Back up your files…EEK…I’ve learned that lesson the hard way several times and it still hasn’t quite sunk in. -__-

  4. OH MAN. I never back up my files – I’m the freaking worst! Thanks for the reminder…I might try to do that tongiht :/

  5. Ugh. I have had to start uploading blog photos to Flickr, Blogger and then also to my external hard drive. Why? I’ve had to replace my laptop 2 times in the past 4 years. Yeah, lots of backups have had to happen!

  6. Great post! I too have learned these three exact same things the hard way! Unfortunately, I still haven’t bought myself an external hard drive. Which also leads me to thanking you for reminding me to BUY one lol

  7. Ok….#2 I need to get on that ASAP!!!!! And #3….why don’t I listen to my gut more often?!!!! I always go against it lolll and regret my decision!

  8. Hmmm this is a good question. I think I definitely learned the hard way that it’s ALWAYS ok to carry sandals in your purse when you’re wearing heels. šŸ˜‰ And #2 is such a good point, I gotta get on that!

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