Chocolate Rolo Cookies

rolo cookies

For the past 2 holiday seasons, my girlfriends from college and I have done a cookie swap. Since it’s not always easy to see each other as much as we’d like due to distance, busy schedules, and well, having a life, we do this as a fun way to get to do something special for one another. It’s sort of like a Secret Santa- we use Elfster to draw names and then make cookies for that special person. While I won’t tell you WHO I’m baking for (just in case she happens to read this), I will tell you what I baked.

When I scoured Pinterest for the perfect recipe, I finally decided on making chocolate Rolo-stuffed cookies (adapted from Two Peas & Their Pod).


rolo stuffed cookies

chocolate rolo cookies


  1. Mmm these sound fantastic! I’ll admit – I’ve been making pretty much the same cookies for years. I should try out a few new ones!

  2. I’ve never taken part in a cookie swap but I’ve always wanted to! I think it’s such a fun idea not to mention great way to get a ton of yummy cookies and a bunch of new recipes! I can’t wait to try these cookies, they look so delicious! I’ll need to add them to my ever growing list of holiday baking!

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