Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is right around the corner, and I’m sure there’s a few of you out there who still aren’t done shopping- myself included. So this post is a friendly reminder to brave the malls this weekend and get those last-minute gifts. On second thought, why not shop online instead? So many stores are offering free or fast shipping to accommodate the last-minute holiday rush. Here’s a few items I rounded up if you’re looking for a last-minute gift for a fellow female.

last minute christmas gifts

Candela Felicia Flat  |  kate spade new york Pop Fizz Clink  Iphone Case  |  Candela Ziggy Beanie  |  Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Trio  |  Candela Voyage Necklace  |  Twistband Holiday 12-Pack  |  Candela Tattoed Tear Studs  |  Macaron Box (someone buy this for me please!)

I’d also like to introduce to you a new brand- Candela NYC. 4 of the items above are taken straight from their website and would make excellent gifts for the holiday season (or after!) Candela is a New York based fashion brand for shoes and ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. If you’re tired of wearing the same thing as everyone else around you (how many times have you and another girl showed up wearing the same J Crew top?), Candela may be right up your alley. The items are unique with touches of equestrian and traditional gaucho elements combined with a little of the urban feel of NYC. While you’re at it, why not check out the brand’s designer Gabriela’s West Village apartment– it’s amazing.


  1. Someone buy me that macaroon box for me too!! These are adorable!! I finished my shopping tonight! Praise the Lord!!

  2. I have a couple people left to shop for too, despite my best efforts to finish my shopping early this year. I absolutely love those macaron boxes too, they’re simply adorable!

    xx jen

  3. The macaroon boxes are too cute! I will not be setting foot anywhere near a mall till at least the middle of January, haha.

  4. I have wanted that Kate Spade iPhone case for so long! I have my fingers crossed that I might get it for Christmas

  5. Great gift ideas! I’m so happy I’m done with my shopping and have all my presents wrapped 🙂

    Happy Holidays!

  6. So…’s the eve of the 24th and I’m still screwed on Christmas shopping! How did I not see this before?!? Your little guide might turn into my “really late but still good” christmas guide 🙂

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