Indoor Weekend Activities

indoor winter activities

A lot of great things happen in winter. For example, Christmas and my birthday. But your options of weekend fun become limited in winter because of this little thing called snow, and his friends freezing temperatures and black ice. While sometimes it’s fun to do outdoor activities in the winter, like building a snowman or going snowboarding (I don’t do this, but others find it fun), most of the time I just want to stay indoors where it’s warm. However, things can get pretty boring indoors, especially when nothing seems to be on TV. Here’s a list of some fun indoor weekend activities to try out with your significant other, friends or on a Saturday night alone.

Play board games

Whoever thinks board games are for children have clearly never played Cards Against Humanity. Some of my other favorites: the classic Apples to Apples, the theatrical Gestures, my personal favorite Taboo and the trendy Head’s Up. Obviously it’s hard to play a board game alone, so you’ll need some friends for this one. James and I have had a few entertaining rounds of Heads Up from the iPhone app (he secretly taped me doing my best Tasmanian Devil impression once and I could kill him for it). Invite your girls over or have a couples night and pull out of the board games. I promise you’ll have a night of laughs- and find out just who of your friends is really the competitive one.

Cook something

Who doesn’t like food? Exactly. Have your girlfriends over for a make-your-own pizza night or play a fun game of with your boyfriend called “let’s see what dish we can make with whatever is in the cupboards”. This can be quite the challenge, but it makes it even more fun.

Organize things

I know this might sound boring, but you can make it fun! I love going through boxes of old photos, for example. You get to organize them into bins or folders based on whatever criteria you create and you get to laugh at the outfits and hairdos of your friends and family from years ago. If you’re feeling even more motivated, you can re-arrange a room in your home or finally get around to organizing the linen closet or junk drawer.

Watch something unusual

Instead of watching something you always do, try to go out of your comfort zone. Are you usually a fan of raunchy comedies? Try watching an insightful documentary. If you’re more into films about history, why not watch a rom-com? It seems like everyone has seen every movie that came out in the past 5 years, so try to find something you and your guest(s) have yet to see. Watching something together for the first time is the best.


  1. These are some great ideas! I personally love playing games with my boyfriend and friends. We just bought some new ones around Christmas time. šŸ™‚ And since we just moved I’m looking forward to organizing everything and decorating! I think another great option for being inside is curling up with a good book.

  2. Great ideas! My friends and I love playing board games. This past weekend I went to the zoo and couldn’t recommend it more if you have an indoor one nearby. Most adults haven’t gone in years and years (unless they or loved ones have small children) so it’s something unique and fun. Plus, you get to walk around some of the more warm and humid exhibits, so it’s like a mini vacation too!

  3. I love the idea of cooking/baking to pass the time in the winter- I typically gather up a bunch of recipes I want to try in the late fall, and spread ’em out over the winter weekends. šŸ™‚

  4. I LOVE these ideas! Especially the cooking with your girlfriends. I have a couple girlfriends who want to learn how to cook better (me included) so I think that would be fun, save us money from going out to eat and we could become better at cooking!

  5. I absolutely love fun, cozy weekends indoors! We’ve been playing lots of board games lately (just tried Heads Up and it was hilarious), and watching TV shows and documentaries on Netflix!

    Happy New Year! I’ve so loved getting to know each other better over the past year! Cheers to a fabulous 2014!

  6. I love staying inside and doing indoor activities! In fact, pretty soon I will be only leaving my house if necessary! I hate going out in the winter. Thanks for this Rachel!

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