Winter Commuting Must-Haves

winter commuting


Commuting is a word that is seldom associated with anything fun, but for a good portion of us, it’s how we get to and from work each day. Since moving to NJ, I’ve relied on public transportation (the train) to get to and from work. While I do have a car, parking in the city I work in it scarce, so it’s just easier to use the train. Commuting does have its benefits- I can read or text as I please and don’t have to worry about keeping my eye on the road (or getting pulled over). But then there’s the bad things- the lack of space, the constant delays, the price, annoying passengers, etc.

Either way, commuting becomes a bit more of an annoyance once the weather gets bad. So now that winter is in full-force, here are some of my winter commuting must-haves.

A pair of weatherproof boots

In the winter, you’ll need a pair of comfortable, warm weatherproof boots. Since most dress codes don’t allow UGGs, you’ll want a pair to wear solely for the walk to and from the train/subway/bus. I’ve been wearing a pair of Totes snow boots lately since it’s been rainy, slushy and snowy here. They keep my feet warm, dry and have great traction on the bottom (and they are very affordable and worth every penny). Sure- they aren’t cute by any means, but they also aren’t really ugly. Get a brown or black pair- they’ll go with any outfit! Then I stash a pair of flats or booties in my bag and change when I get into the office. I feel bad seeing the women on the train wearing 4-inch heeled boots that are getting ruined by the snow. Maybe they should read my blog.

A light, yet large bag

I decided to invest in a Longchampย ‘Le Pliage’ Large Tote in black and have never looked back. It’s sturdy enough to hold my necessities- wallet, lunch, keys, phone and a notebook or two, but still light and small enough that it doesn’t hurt my arm or take up too much room. I don’t recommend putting a laptop in it everyday though, as it will lose its durability over time.

A portable phone charger

While I don’t own one of these (add it to my wish list), I’ve found out just how important they are. When you’re commuting and at the office, your phone’s battery can drain pretty quickly. There’s nothing worse than having a train ride home with no battery (ok, there are way worse things, but a half-hour ride without the internet can be pretty boring). This Triple C ‘iBoost’ Portable Charger is cute and practical.

Lip balm/chapstick

The one time you forget to pack it is the one day when the wind is blowing so hard that your lips instantly chap. This EOS Organic Lip Balm Sphere 4-Pack is ideal- one for your bag, one for your desk… you get the idea.

A large pashmina scarf

You never know when the office AC is going to kick on (yes, even in the winter) or when you’re stranded at the train station waiting for your delayed train. But having a large pashmina scarf, you’ll always be prepared. Sometimes I use mine as a scarf (obviously) or wrap it around my head if I don’t have a hat/earmuffs. Or you could always use it to cover the pizza stain you got on the front of your shirt minutes before that big meeting. Whoops. This Jules B Original Pashmina Scarf is a must-have.

What are your winter commuting must-haves?


  1. I have all of these! I absolutely agree that winter commuting is a pain and you need the right essentials.

  2. yes yes yes to good boots. There’s nothing worse than having cold, wet feet. I’d also recommend a good pair of mittens or gloves. While the train/bus/etc. might be heated, the stations probably won’t be!

  3. I have been wanting a portable charger! I can’t even count how many times one would have come in handy! I haven’t seen any that are that cute, so thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I miss taking the subway to work and being able to take a nap, haha! It can be a pain trudging through the snow through so warm boots are definitely a must!

  5. This is a great must-have list. I have the same Longchamp tote in bilberry and I love it. SO much room. And EOS makes a great balm- I keep these stashed everywhere!

  6. I cannot say enough how vital winter boots are! In my experience the uglier, the better because they are so warm!

  7. These are all great to have on a commute. I add in my kindle and water bottle and i’m good to go – although its not the longest commute (20min) but I like to zone out!!

  8. Gosh I don’t know if I could commute every day. I definitely take my smaller city for granted! But there are so many perks to working in a bigger city too! I don’t own a great tote or pair of waterproof boots yet…but I’m watching for end-of-winter sales!

  9. I always wear boots and keep a few pairs of shoes at work. I also keep a charger there to charge my phone before I leave for the day. I use a Buddah bag for my laptop, planner, breakfast and lunch and a small cross body bag for my wallet/keys/trainpass/phone/lipstick.

  10. Can you believe I still have never used the EOS lip balms?! I’ve been hearing about them for years. I need to get on it! Great round up! Stay warm and happy new year! xo, Julie

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