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Every woman has hair envy. If your hair is short, you wish you had long, cascading locks (and to every nice woman who has complimented me on mine, I thank you times a million for helping boost my self-esteem). Those who have ringlets dream of stick-straight, center-parted hair. You get the point. While I enjoy most aspects of my hair, I’m pretty tame when it comes to coloring and cutting it. I prefer having my long, wavy locks with a few layers. I’ve only dyed it once (to a darker brown in 10th grade and did a DIY ombre back in 2011) mainly because I hate damaging it and I don’t like the upkeep.

However, if I could change hair temporarily for a day or two, I would. Lately I’ve been loving the look of red hair. Whether it’s an auburn, a darker red or strawberry blonde, it’s very pretty. And different. While you won’t catch me adding red to my hair anytime soon, I can still look at it from afar and comment on how pretty it is.

For example, let’s look at Jessica Chastain. The woman is not only beautiful and a great actress, but her hair is to die for (or to dye for- get it?) Any guy in high school who made fun of her for her hair color is hopefully kicking himself right now. Evan Rachel Wood recently dyed her locks an auburn shade, and I love the retro feel to it. And blogger Tsangtastic, whose photo has been re-pinned so many times on my Pinterest feed, gives me total hair envy.

What hair color/style/cut are you envying currently?Ā 


  1. Everything on Pinterest tempts me to immediately book an appointment at the hair salon. I’d change colours weekly if I didn’t love how alive my hair feels right now!

  2. I’ve always loved red hair. I made a few mistakes in high school and tried to color it at home.. some things just aren’t meant to be.

  3. I always love changing my hair, I recently experimented with ombre. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t started coloring it so long ago, you’re so lucky you have virtually dye free hair! Also, Jessica Chastaine is gorg!

  4. I have a classic case of wanting hair that I don’t have! My hair is fine and super thin, and also a weird dirty blonde, so I color it dark myself. This is damaging though, and due to the natural state of my hair it’s soooo hard for me to grow my hair out.

    I love red hair though! I had mine auburn for a year (before I started blogging) and was a big fan of it. Good for you to not color your hair! Now that I do I can’t go back :/

  5. So crazy I was traveling this weekend and thought it was so interesting that a girl in front of me and behind me getting on the plane both had gorgeous red hair– a lady a few people up did as well! It’s so rare to see people with true red hair like that– and then one of the flight attendants did as well! Red hair has been on my mind lately as well- too funny this post went up today šŸ™‚

  6. I have jet black hair and have never colored it, like you I’m not one to deal with the upkeep. But I have always wanted red hair. Not sure how it would look on me but if I were to try something, red hair is what I would go for.

  7. I’ve always secretly wanted red hair, and actually did a temporary red dye when I was in high school. It never really left my hair, but instead faded into a dark strawberry blonde, which I didn’t really mind.

  8. I have always wanted red hair! I have tried to add some red to my hair, but with horrible results (one time it turned pink, the other time it was that weird fake burgundy red color – and both times were with professionals). Apparently my hair is not meant to be red. Oh and having SUPER curly hair, I have often wanted straight hair (especially when I was younger). But my hair and I have learned to accept each other.

  9. This reminds me of 2012… I dub it “the year I fried my hair with every color.” This auburn was on that list, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Red is tricky because of the fading, but I find it works well when your hair is already a brown shade. However, it never quite manages to reach that super bright, strawberry color with me. A friend of mine has red hair to die for… (Here’s her site! We always get stopped on the street and she gets compliments. Such a beautiful color!

    While now my hair is healthy and more my natural color, it’s so much fun to experiment. šŸ˜‰

  10. My hair is entirely obnoxious. It’s long and straight and I can’t do anything with it. It won’t hold perms or color for long at all so it’s not worth the upkeep. It tangles in about 5 seconds. I just wish I could do something with my hair other than keeping it long and straight!

  11. red hair is very pretty and the ladies who pull it off (both naturally and dyed) are very lucky! šŸ™‚ i always wish my hair was fuller and thicker instead of fine, but what can you do? also rachel, thanks so much for guest posting for me last week when i was having surgery. i really appreciate it!! xo

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