DIY Valentine’s Day Gift- A Man Bouquet

man bouquet

I’m one of those girlfriends who likes making special gifts instead of just buying something at the store. I like to think I’m pretty creative, and I see birthdays and holidays as an opportunity to make fun gifts for the special people in my life. Last year, I found a fun idea on Pinterest and changed it up a bit to fit my boyfriend perfectly.

On Valentine’s Day, women typically get bouquets of flowers, but you never see men receiving them. The idea of a man bouquet, or a “brouquet”, is just genius. Instead of flowers, you can use things your boyfriend or husband likes. Some items I used were gift cards to his favorite stores, mini bottles of his favorite liquor, candy bars and more.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own man bouquet:


  • Arrange the Styrofoam or floral foam in the base of the flower pot. You will be sticking the dowels into this to keep them anchored.
  • Tape one item to each dowel. You can cut the dowels down to varying sizes so it appears more like a real bouquet.
  • Insert the dowels into the foam base.
  • Decorate with artificial craft grass or something green to cover up the foam.


  1. Holy crap I love this so much. I usually end up getting the boy pajama pants because he never buys them for himself. He’s really started to look forward to it, but this is sooo fun I might have to throw it in there to change things up a bit!

  2. What a great idea!! I always try to come up with fun gifts for my husband because he just doesn’t get excited about clothes like I do. Love this!

  3. I saw something similar to this on Pinterest and I saved it because I thought it looked so cute. So clever how you did it!! I may have to do the same. xo, Julie

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