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Everyone has certain words that they just can’t stand. My one friend shudders at the use of the word “moist”, while another cannot stand when people use abbreviated jargon such as “adorbs”. Maybe I can’t stand certain words because I’m a writer and grammar freak, or maybe I just get irritated easily. Either way, here is a list of 5 words I loathe. I apologize if you use these on a daily basis- we can still be friends. Maybe.


The only time you should use the word “peeps” is when you are referring to the delicious Easter candy or if you’re singing karaoke to Shaggy’s “Angel”. And there is a time and place for both of those things- once a year.


When someone says this word, I get embarrassed for them. I can’t really explain it, but it’s just such an awkward-sounding word. Just say “delicious” or even say “yummy” instead, I don’t care! When people say this word, it comes off as “Oh I’m such a foodie, I go to hip restaurants and make cake pops in my home and I am just the best!” At least that’s how I take it.


I don’t mind when people use this word necessarily, it’s when they overuse it or use it inappropriately that really gets me going. Saying “When I saw her outfit, I literally died” would mean that when you saw this girl’s outfit, you collapsed on the floor and were pronounced dead. Now is that what you really meant when you said it? Obviously not, since you can’t talk when you’re dead. The Oatmeal shows a great example of the misuse of the word here.

Gal and Pal

If you’re using the words “gal” and “pal” in a way that’s not ironic or purposely corny, I find it hard to believe you actually have any “gal” friends. If you are under the age of 65, please use words that are age-appropriate. It’s 2014, not 1914.

What are some words you just cannot stand? 


    1. I’m in love with you right now. I made the same exact sentence and then erased it because I didn’t want to aggravate anyone! XOXO!

  1. Haha – I use delish! Although I don’t know if I actually say it, I think it’s more over the internet. The only time I’ve used “peeps” is ironically.

  2. OH NO! I say literally sometimes…. not ALL the time. But yes, it is in my bank of words. And hahahahaha… I also hate the word moist. It just sounds gross to me for some reason. I hear a lot of people say delish… I always say NOM NOM. Perhaps not much better now that I think about it 😉

  3. hahhahaha! Do you watch Parks and Rec? One of the characters says literally ALLLLLL of the time. And he really takes the time to pronounce each letter. I hate it. Absolutely hate it…. but Dean thinks it’s hilarious so he says it all day.
    Case in point:

  4. I’m most certainly an offender of the word “delish” and will probably always be…some habits are hard to break. I think its funny when people say “gorg” or “amazeballs”…

  5. I hate when people say “lol” while you’re face to face talking to them. It’s like… just laugh, you don’t need to actually say “lol”. It just doesn’t make sense to me!

  6. I dislike unnecessary abbreviations in general – they really irk me. Peeps, Gal and Delish are definitely up there too 🙂

  7. Oh no!! I use the word peeps :/ To be fair, I only use it when I describe my fiancé’s family. Instead of using any of the other wonderful words I have floating in my head. Can we still be friends? 🙂

  8. I definitely try to use ‘literally’ in its literal sense because it’s very overused. I’m guilty of using the word ‘gal’ in my writing…sooooo I apologize if I have annoyed you! hah.

  9. I feel the same way about literally but sometimes it sneaks in there and I feel disappointed in myself. My dad used to get SO mad at me for saying “like” so much that he counted the times I said it in an hour. It was so embarrassing that I had to completely stop!

  10. Moist. Moist is probably my #1 least favorite word.

    Do you watch Parks n Rec? Rob Lowe’s character says literally LITERALLY all the time. But he pronounces is “litch-ruh-lee” which is super annoying haha.

    I also dated a guy who used to refer to older women as “gals.” Like, “this ‘gal’ I work with” – come to find out she is 55 years old hahaha.

  11. Mine is going to sound so weird – but its Pardon Me? I don’t know why, but it just bugs the crap out of me. And then when people use like every two words…like it was so cool, like you know. UGH! Shut up and talk.

  12. My word is ‘indeed’ I don’t know what it is but unless you’re a doctor/scientist I think you should NEVER use that word. It’s so pretentious sounding and it makes me angreh!
    I confess that I use delish but mostly when I’m being an a-hole and what started as making fun of Rachel Zoe and her “lit-ra-leee” has turned into a habit that I’m trying to kick. :/

  13. Oh man, the “literally” epidemic! Although it’s been butchered so much that some dictionaries have added the “new” definition!

  14. i hate the word literally as well! it drives me insane the way people use it incorrectly! i also hate the word yummy, which is really unfortunate since i bake all the time and people love saying it to me…

  15. As soon as I read the title the word “moist” immediately came to mind. YUCK I cannot stand that word! Peeps is pretty obnoxious too… unless we’re referring to candy 🙂

  16. my roommate/good friend uses the top 3 very often. she is a true believer in abbreviating any and all words (and she uses them seriously).
    nice list though i was surprised “moist” did make an appearance!

  17. Why have many Americans in the last several years started dropping the pronunciation of the letter ‘t’ in some words? mispronouncing the word? Words like; “impor-int”, (impotant), or “bu-in”, (button). Even peoples names like, “Mar-in”, (Martin) are being mispronounced.
    This drives me crazy because even people who do not come from a family or region or any other background that would have made this a “natural” way of speaking are ow doing it. It is rampant and It drives me crazy in the same way, I am embarrassed FOR them. It’s like, “what in the world is wrong with your tongue that you are speaking like an Igno ramous?”

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