What It’s Like to Date a Blogger

dating a blogger

Today’s post is brought to you by my lovely boyfriend James. James has been with me before and throughout my blog “journey” (how stupid does that sound?), and he came up with the idea of guest posting on what it’s like to date someone with a blog. Enjoy.

What the hell is a blog? Pre-Rachel, the only time I would hear or see the word “blog” was when I was on MetsBlog.com, reading about my beloved New York Mets.  I didn’t even bother to try and consider what the word “blog” meant. All I knew was that MetsBlog.com was a website I visited, where these guys would give their opinions and insight on hot news stories circling the Mets. MetsBlog. That’s a fun, quirky name.

It honestly wasn’t until Rachel began talking about how she really wanted to start a blog, that I started asking questions and learning a lot more.  I remember before Life Unsweetened came to fruition, how much thought Rachel put into every aspect of what it would take to start, and maintain, a successful blog. She wanted to do it, and she wanted to do it the right way.  It has always taken a tremendous amount of hard work, and I give her all the credit in the world.

Now let us talk about ME.  I’d like to consider myself a supportive boyfriend, and I hope that is the way Rachel thinks of me as well. But can I talk about a few things that makes the life of a blog boyfriend a little bit more difficult?

“Jamesy, can you take pictures of me for my blog, pleaseeeee?”

Oh Rachie, of course I would be glad to take pictures for you. I think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and it would be my pleasure.” This is my response when I think we need to step outside for 45 seconds, snap a few pics, and call it a day. But is this the way it usually plays out? Of course not. There usually ends up being multiple outfits, I get scolded for not taking pictures the right way (didn’t know it was possible to hold a camera, click a button, and do it wrong), and the photo-shoots usually happen right as the Jets are kicking off. Just my luck.

“Sorry I wasn’t listening, I was writing a post for tomorrow!” 

Whether I am talking about plans for the weekend, or waiting for her to watch last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, all those questions come second to her finishing up a thought on a post. While I understand she must tell me to wait, it doesn’t mean I still can’t complain about it.

“Your girlfriend has a blog! Tell me about it!” 

As I explained earlier, my knowledge of blogs comes only from what Rachel tells me. When other people hear that Rachel has a blog, they want to know all about it, and I can only tell them so much. This mostly happens with my extended family, which is quite large. I do my best but it’s always an adventure, where I end up confusing them even more.

“James, what did you think of my “Best Holiday Looks for 2013” post?”

 Babe listen, I check your blog every day.  You’re a terrific writer and you put together fantastic posts day in and day out.  I know not all of it is strictly beauty and fashion, but much of it is. I’m sorry to say that my input on these topics are simply worthless. I should not be asked. I cannot help you. Please forgive me.

I hope some of you can understand where I’m coming from. Of course, this is all in good fun. I appreciate and recognize the crap out of what Rachel does and the effort she puts into this blog. She sincerely cares about her work and I respect her to death for it.  That is why I am now a dual blog reader. MetsBlog and Life Unsweetened.


  1. Hahaha oh my gosh, I love this! Brian is the same way. He doesn’t understand how much work goes into those pictures! The first try is never all it takes!

  2. Hahaha, awww this is so cute! I’m sure my boyfriend would like to read this, he can relate on a lot! Especially when I show him posts where I put together outfits… he’s like sure? they look nice? hahahaha

  3. LOL!!! I really think blogger boyfriends and husbands should have their own conference!! God love them!! I think Ross would agree with every word he wrote!! I am glad I am not the only one who gets snippy when photos aren’t taken “right”! 🙂

  4. hahahahhahahahhaha I’m just going to assume that Dean and James would get along. Besides a great love for the Mets, Dean has said allllll of these complaints to me about my lack of time management skills (how are we supposed to listen and write at the same time?) and he refuses to take my pictures because of my critiques lol

  5. Love this! I just sent this to my boyfriend and said, “does this remind you of anyone??” haha

    We got in to an argument when I asked him to take photos of me blow-drying my hair. My boyfriend doesn’t “believe” in taking vertical photos. Psh. What does he know! lol

  6. Hah! This reminds me soooo much of Andrew! I love that he is so supportive of you and just kind of rolls with it!

  7. Rachel, so glad he gave insight of his thought of a blogger girlfriend. I will def forward it to Eric, I bet he can relate to it hahahah 😉

  8. Haha! You sound like my husband! He takes my pictures and rarely complains but I know he hates doing it. And I always interrupt him while he’s watching tv or playing his guitar so he can help me pick out the best pictures. And yes, there is most definitely a right and wrong way to take blog pictures. I get mad at my husband when he doesn’t do it right too. He says he’s going to start a blog called “My Bitchy Blog Wife” lol. But us blogging ladies sure do appreciate the men behind the camera. You get the Best Boyfriend Award for that 🙂

  9. LOL I love this post!! Your boyfriend and my husband should totally talk. At least your boyfriend reads your blog. Mine definitely does not (he only looks at it around gift giving times to get ideas). He has gotten so much more helpful about taking pictures. It is nice having supportive men that help us with our passions!

  10. This is the cutest- and OH so true. I know my husband nearly threw a party to celebrate when I bought a tripod, which excused him from taking my outfit pictures. 😉

  11. Bahahaha, I’m loving this post so much! Brian and James should get together and talk about all this – poor Brian has no one who understands his pain 🙂 xx

  12. Omg this is TOO CUTE for words. Blogger boyfriends are the best — especially when they get volunteered to play photog. 🙂

  13. This is so great! I give him credit for being supportive and trying to understand it. I might have to borrow this idea and run it by K. I’m sure he has several opinions about being a blogger’s boyfriend 🙂

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