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When it comes to swimwear, I’m semi-comfortable rocking a teeny-tiny bikini, but I know not all women are. In fact, some days when I’m not feeling so hot, I’ll wear a cover-up the entire day for just that reason. I have friends who rock one-pieces like no other, and others that favor the skimpy side-tie bottoms. The important part is to find what style and shape you like and to rock it. So whether you enjoy being covered up or showing off your 6-pack abs (please teach me your ways!), here are some fun options from Freya Swimwear courtesy of Bras Galore.

Bras Galore (yes, they sell bras and swimwear) features a large selection of Freya swimwear, ranging from bikinis to one-pieces and including a variety of patterns, styles and colors. My personal favorite is the pink striped set on the bottom left. And although the models are relatively all the same size, their swimwear works well for all body shapes. If you want to hide a larger bottom half, opt for the fuller bottoms. If you’d like to add some curves to your frame, choose a suit with ruffles and appliques on the top. Which is your favorite?

freya swimwear

 All of the above swimsuits can be purchased here


  1. I’m more likely to wear one pieces these days. I long for days when I can sport a two piece again.:)

  2. Loll….I’d like to cover it up as much as possible…especially when I’m around people. I do love the striped pink bikini though! Have a great weekend girl!

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