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Take a look at your desk. Whether it’s your office cube where you spend 8 hours a day or your tiny home office where you blog, chances are it could use a few updates. My work desk could definitely use some more color and personal items- I’m thinking of printing out a few photos to hang to solve this problem. Here are a few easy decor and furniture updates you can make to your office space- all courtesy of Cult Furniture, a line of  designer furniture at affordable prices.

cult furniture

A comfy chair

I’ve worked in offices before where my chair was too big for my body (my feet wouldn’t even touch the ground) or just plain uncomfortable. Investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair is key. This Eames Turquoise Ribbed Style Office Chair is not only pretty, but it also has a one-touch gas lift height adjustment to fit to your body and desk.

Adequate lighting

Sometimes I’ll make a graphic for my blog, only to see that the colors are way off later on. You need proper lighting when designing graphics or editing photos. Plus, your eyes will be less strained if the lighting is adequate. This Jielde Style Chrome Loft Desk Lamp comes in a variety of colors and can be adjusted for any size desk.

Inspirational art

Ok- so maybe it doesn’t have to be inspirational per se, but hanging paintings, photos or even a bulletin board full of magazine clippings is great for creativity. Isamu Noguchi’s High Tea art evokes a clean, feminine office- even if yours is shared with your manly boyfriend.

Something cute

I like stocking up on colorful or fun-shaped Post-It notes and pens. Other people tend to gravitate toward wall decor. This George Nelson Style White Asterisk Clock would look great against a colored wall. 


  1. what a fun chair! i have a handful of photos around my office, (plus a printable and some post-it drawings). They make things more fun!

  2. Oh my gosh that chair! Amazing! We have a very similar one in black but it’s not nearly as cute in a neutral color. Ha. So I actually stumbled upon this really awesome teal file cabinet a while back that I just loved (my boyfriend wouldn’t go for it so we settled on white… borinnngg), and when I saw your post today, it made me think of you! So if you’re looking for the cutest cabinet ever to go with everything in your collage, you should get this one:

  3. My husband and I close escrow on our house next week and I can’t wait to decorate my office space 🙂

  4. I dont’ have an office anywhere. I consider myself a traveling gypsy lollll. But a cozy little office space definitely makes work/blogging more appealing;)!

  5. I was soooooo happy when I finally got to put my desk together! I love your picks, and that chair looks amazing! xx

  6. Oh my goodness, I’m simply dying over that chair; you know how obsessed I am with turquoise! A comfy chair was a total must when I was redecorating my home office. I opted for that identical chair just in the shorter back and in white; it’s extremely comfy and offers great low back support!

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