Spring Scented Candles

After a trip to the mall this weekend (where I finally found jeans that fit from Gap and saw a hilarious Louie Anderson comedy show), I haven’t stopped thinking about the fun candles I saw while passing the Yankee Candle store. It took everything in me not to go in and spend 20 minutes smelling every single scent and then having to decide which one to buy. I mean, they have a candle that smells like Peeps for crying out loud!

For Easter, stock up on scents like Chocolate Bunnies, Bunny Cake and Marshmallow Chicks. Or if you’re more into a Spring-themed scent, I would personally love the floral scent of Tulips, yummy Buttercream, Early Sunrise, Green Grass or Spring Days. What scents are you filling your home with this spring?

spring candle scents

Chocolate Bunnies  |  Bunny Cake  |  Marshmallow Chicks  |  Tulips

Buttercream  |  Early Sunrise  |  Green Grass  |  Spring Days


  1. I bet the chocolate bunnies one smells heavenly! But I’d probably eat a ton of chocolate all day from it 🙂

  2. It took me forever to find jeans that fit from the Gap. But once I did, I bought like 5 pairs (same style, different colors and prints). I wish I could smell all these candles through the computer!

  3. Oh Yankee Candle, totally my weakness! My favourite spring and summer scent is Pink Sands, it’s sweet and the prettiest shade of pink!

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