Easter Bird’s Nest Cookies

nest cookies

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of what side dishes and desserts you plan on making (or eating!) Last year I made these nest cookies when I spent the holiday with my boyfriend’s family. I wanted to bring something special and different, and these were just the thing! The recipe is from Creations by Kara and I highly encourage everyone to try this one. The key ingredient is cream cheese- something I totally hate on its own, but love in dessert recipes (I’m weird, I know). And if you’re looking for a Easter-take on the traditional chocolate chip cookie, check out my Cadbury Mini Egg Cookie Recipe from last year.

bird nest cookies

cadbury nest cookies

easter nest cookies


  1. since i’m hosting a holiday gathering for the first time this easter, i’ve been freaking out over what cute treats to serve…. and these are PERFECT!! thank you!!

  2. These are just too cute for words Rachel! I’ve had friends make these for Easters in the past but I’ve never given them a try! My mouth is watering staring at your photos!

  3. This is so adorable! Perfect Easter dessert! Your cadbury egg cookies look yummy too! Can I come to your house for Easter and eat all your cute desserts?!

  4. Ahh Rachel! I love this idea! I was just on pinterest looking for Easter dessert ideas! I will definitely bake this up for my family on Sunday! So fun and festive!

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