An Inexpensive Date Night In

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“This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Tony’s Pizza, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #tonyspizzeria”

While I enjoy going out with friends, sometimes I just want to stay indoors in my PJs and not leave the house. Anyone else? Sometimes I’m just way too tired from a week’s worth of work on a Friday night that nothing sounds better than eating yummy snacks, making a margarita and binge-watching a TV show of my choice. Luckily, I have a boyfriend to keep me company, so these nights in turn into a date night.

Our date nights in consist of a mixture of the following (if not all)- watching our favorite TV shows and movies, me making a trip to the local store to buy lots of candy (like the yummy Starburst Fruit Candy Corn I scored 50% off at an Easter sale), playing board games like Taboo and making margaritas with our Magic Bullet.

starburst fruit candy corn

date night snacks

Another staple for our date nights in? Pizza. Although it can be fun to make it from scratch, sometimes I’m just too lazy. Thankfully, there are frozen options that are just as yummy and made with real cheese, sauce and tomatoes- like Tony’s Pizza. I picked up the pepperoni version at Walmart for my most recent date night in.

Interested in hosting a date night in or pizza party yourself? Make sure you take advantage of this offer.  You can save 75¢ on any two TONY’S® multi-serve pizzas (11.04 oz or larger) in the freezer aisle offer. This coupon is available while supplies last here. While you’re at it, why not follow Tony’s Pizza on Twitter and Facebook for future deals?

What are your date-night-in staples?

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  1. We have a lot of date nights in too! Parking myself on the couch and watching a movie often wins over going out.

  2. haha love it! my boyfriend and I always order sushi delivery for our date nights in, but that doesn’t really fall under inexpensive. ehhh welll –still cheaper than rounds at the bar! *shudders

  3. haha love this post! My husband and I enjoy a good date night in trying out a new recipe or random Netfilx movie!

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