Fruit Frenzy

I’m a fruit girl. Sure, I like my vegetables too, but I could eat a huge fruit salad each and every day if I could. At a breakfast buffet, you can find me loading up my plate with strawberries and cantaloupe (next to the croissants and danishes, of course) and there’s nothing better on a hot summer day than fresh, cold fruit like pineapple or watermelon. And you all know I love lemons- it’s the theme of my blog! So when I see accessories and clothing with fruit on it, I immediately think it’s cute and sometimes even buy it for myself. Case in point- the items below. Which fruit is your favorite (on clothes or in your mouth)? 

fruit trend 2014

Romwe Transparent Watermelon Chain Shoulder Bag  |  Topshop Tropical High Waist Bikini  |  Modcloth The Berry Best Earrings  |  Modcloth Pull Up a Cherry Dress in Citrus  |  Modcloth Freshly Sweet Earrings  |  Romwe Cherries Print Light-pink Plimsolls  | Pineapple iPhone5 Case  | Fruit Frenzy Paddle Brush


  1. I am a sucker for fruit too, eating it and wearing it! I LOVE that watermelon bag—oh my goodness cuteness. That bathing suit is amazing, too! I would wear each of these items. Great finds! xo

  2. Ahhhhhh, you and I were totally on the same page!! LOVE that we both posted our fruity faves!! Blogger ESP!! All the prints are so fun, right?

  3. So cute! I love
    All these items. I agree it just makes it that much more fun and adds such bright pops of color! I love al fruit. Pineapple and I am with you on lemons being the best of the bunch!

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