Summer Sandals

A few weekends ago when I went upstate to visit my parent’s for Easter, I brought all of my summer clothes and shoes back to my New Jersey apartment. Sure, I haven’t had the opportunity to wear the sundresses or sandals yet since it’s still booties and jeans weather, but I feel like summer is getting closer just by having them in my closet.

I have a few pairs that still are in semi-nice condition from last summer, but the sad reality is I’ll need to buy a new pair or two for this upcoming summer. Flip flops are easy to wear, but they aren’t exactly work-appropriate, so I’m leaning towards dressy, colorful and detailed sandals. Modcloth has been hitting it out of the park lately with everything, and their sandal selection is no exception. The pretty pink pair is for the girly girls, while the teal sequined ones would look so pretty on tan feet (aka not mine). Which are your favorites?

summer sandals

Better Plait than Never Sandal in Pink  |  Prancing Through the Petals Sandal in Beige  |  Weave Come a Long Way Sandal |  Impromptu Date Sandal in Black  |  Outer Bank on It Sandal in Floral  |  Dreaming on the Dock Sandal  |  Bead of a Different Drummer Sandal in Sea Green


  1. I love all of these sandals! Flip flops and sandals are typically one item I buy new each spring as they get so much wear I need new ones by the next season. These are great ideas. I would like one if each!

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