Flamingo Fun

I’m partial to anything with kittens or lemons on them, and it’s widely known. Lately I’ve been seeing a few other items that are gaining popularity, like pineapples, sunflowers. and flamingos. The pretty pink birds remind me of summer, so I can see why every retailer and their mother is producing swimsuits, accessories and shoes featuring them. In lieu of writing this post, I did a little research on flamingos for the sake of including a few fun facts about the species, and found out they are pretty weird. As you know, flamingos often stand on one leg with the other leg tucked beneath the body. The reason for this behavior is not fully understood although researchers have various theories. Crazy, right? Anyway, enough of the nerdy stuff. If you’re loving the look of pretty pink flamingos, why not try these swimsuits, accessories and home decor items.

flamingo home decor

Wade for Each Other Pillow  | west elm Flamingo Geo Melamine Plate  |  Solar Flamingo Accent Light  |  Flamingo Cookie Cutter  |  Magnetic Flamingos Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


flamingo swimwear

Flamingo Bikini  |  Wildfox The Two Flamingos Classic One-PC Swimsuit  |  Flamingo Beach Towel |  ModCloth Love is Wading One-Piece Swimsuit


flamingo footwear

 DSW BootsiTootsi Pink Flamingo Rain Boot  |  Flamingo Smoking Slippers  |  Flamingo Flats


flamingo clothes

Flamingo T-Shirt  |  Sugarhill Boutique Fiesta Flamingo Dress  |  Flamingo Print Romper  |  Flamingo Sweater  |  Flamingo Socks  |  Flamingo Panties


flamingo jewelry & accessories

Flamingo Bracelet  |  Flamingo Scarf  |  Flamingo Studs  |  Flamingo Tablet Case  |  Flamingo iPhone Case


  1. Yes I’ve been seeing flamingo prints everywhere, they are so cute. If you get the chance, please share your amazing post on my link-up today.

  2. I haven’t really seen this flamingo print much this season, but I do love a good whimsical print! Thank you for rounding up all of these items, I think I have a new obsession for this season!

  3. Well now I can’t stop thinking about whyyyyy they would lift up a foot? I mean, they’re already tempting fate by being so top heavy. Why would they want less surface area to stand on? haha That being said- love those slippers!

  4. That flamingo print bikini is too cute! I have a neighbor that has plastic pink flamingos on their lawn 🙂

  5. I am dying over all of the fun prints this season…fruits and animals are quite popular these days!! You found so many adorable things!! That swimsuit!!!!

  6. I love all the flamingo prints! The Alice + Olivia flamingo skirt is my current obsession (too bad it is $300)! And I LOVE those C Wonder shoes!

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