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I’ll be the first to admit I’m weird. We’re all a little weird, aren’t we? I choose to embrace it instead of covering it up because life is too short for that stuff. Although I don’t think it’s weird that I’m obsessed with squirrels or enjoy the smell of burning garbage, apparently the majority of other people do. So here’s a list of a few weird things I like.


Yes, I know they are a rodent. Yes, I’m aware that they aren’t soft when you touch them. And yes, I know they ruined your plants/garbage/house. But they are just so adorable. If I could play with squirrels and kittens all day and get paid for it, my life would be made. I love watching them scurry around the yard, climb up trees and get into trouble. It’s been my goal since attending squirrel-ridden Marist College to touch one or hold one, but I’ve yet to accomplish this.

The smell of burning garbage

Growing up in a small country town, summers consist of bonfires, cookouts and outdoor drinking. To me, there is no better smell than when someone is burning garbage. I always smelled this scent during summers on long night drives with the windows down and asked my parents what the smell was. “Someone is burning garbage in their backyard”, they would say. What this “garbage” constitutes as, I’m not sure. But it’s a favorite scent of mine. Some peopel like the smell of gasoline (yuck), so I guess this can’t be THAT weird, right?


I’m sure you’re thinking, “Lots of people like lemons, Rachel. Lemonade, lemon bars and lemon drops are all so good”. Yes, this is true, but I enjoy just eating lemons themselves. When I get them in my drink at restaurants, I put the wedges in my mouth and suck on them. I usually save them for the end of my meal as a “dessert”. Everyone around me winces in horror and asks, “Isn’t that sour? How do you do that?”. I don’t know guys, I’m just weird.

What are a few weird things you like?Ā 


  1. LOL!! This made me laugh!! I swear you would HATE squirrels if you had them eating your power lines and making your power go out!!! We have hundreds of them in our back yard and they drive us crazy! As for weird things…I love the smell of Payless Shoe store….how weird is that???

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with squirrels. I think they’re adorable and wish them no harm- but during this time of year, I’m forever battling them as they uproot my newly-planted flowers! My husband keeps offering to shoot them (he’s mostly kidding), and I’m always like, “NOOOOO THEY’RE SO CUTE.”

  3. Last year or the year before a baby squirrel was crying across the street. It somehow got knocked out of its nest away from the mom. My hubby rescued it but he picked it up with a blanket…you don’t want to get yourself rabies!

  4. My boyfriends mom literally just eats lemons whole. The first time that I saw her do this my jaw dropped and I could not BELIEVE IT! I’ve kind of gotten used to it but it still kind of shocks me!

  5. ohhhh we went on a little tour today at work and we watched a squirrel jump into a garbage can and pull out an entire sandwich! He then ran around campus with is… and we tried to follow for a picture. It was highly entertaining and the squirrel was strangely cute. You would have loved it!

  6. Haha! You are weird! But all the best people are! šŸ™‚ I have so many weird food things. Eggs disgust me but I love cracking hard boilded eggs. I only like bacon by itself and hate bacon bits in other foods. I love Manatees (they’re such gentle giant creatures and it is my dream to swim with them). I like picking dandruff out of people hair (gross!) and the list could go on and on! lol

  7. Lol, I love this post! I like to suck on lemons too, but I wouldn’t ever save it for dessert LOL! Burning garbage does sound disgusting, but isn’t it crazy how our brains work? It brings you back to good memories, so of course, you are going to like it!

  8. I’m with you 10000% on lemons. I eat them all the time. I always feel guilty because it’s terrible for your teeth, but you know – soooo good! I also agree on #1, they’re just cute. #2…. I think you’re on your own there. I do love that burning smell though.

  9. OHHHH I love squirrels too. They are just so darn cute and mischievous and wonderful!
    And lemons – YES!!! I love eating raw lemons. haha but I have to be in a certain mood to want to eat it, but you bet ya!

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