Jewelry Trends I Don’t Get

I’ve had my fair share of terrible jewelry purchases in my lifetime. Notable trends that I loved included those tattoo choker necklaces, anything with ying-yangs on them, and a selection of Claire’s earrings that matched perfectly to my outfit of the day. Yeah, I was hip.

When it comes to jewelry, I stick with that I like and what I know works for me. I’m a fan of silver (gold doesn’t work well with my skin tone and I think it often looks cheap), I prefer delicate over chunky and I try to limit my pieces so I don’t go overboard. Am I the only one that gets annoyed when I wear more than a few pieces at once? My wrists/neck/ears/fingers get so itchy or uncomfortable if I try to cover them up too much.

With that being said, there are a few jewelry trends out there today that I don’t get. Please tell me at least one other person agrees with me.

arm party

Arm Parties

Whoever came up with this term should be reprimanded immediately. An arm party is when someone wears multiple bracelets and stacks them on their arm. For some reason, women think the more bracelets they wear, the better. When I see a woman wearing 12 bracelets that take up a good 5 inches of her arm/wrist space, I just shake my head. First of all, that can’t be comfortable. I work on a computer 10 hours a day and am constantly annoyed by my bracelet on my mousepad/keyboard. Secondly, it looks messy. You look like a third-grader who got ahold of Mommy’s jewelry box while playing dress-up. I get that stacking 2 or 3 bracelets is cute, and I often do this myself, but if there’s more than 4 or you’ve hit double-digits, I start to question your motives.

thumb rings

Thumb and Pinky Rings

I may be in the minority here, but rings on these two fingers freak me out (and this is coming from the girl with a club thumb, so I know freaky fingers). Rings on the thumb just emphasize the ugliness and monstrosity of the thumb in general (it is the biggest finger on everyone- even the thin models), so why bother? As far as pinky rings- if a ring you like only fits your pinky, it’s time to size up. To me, rings are made for the middle 3 fingers- the fingers you often use and the fingers that are all around the same width and length.

ribbonhair ties

Wearing Casual Jewelry to a Formal Event

If you’re a bridesmaid in a wedding, for the love of God please remove your tacky friendship bracelets your little cousin made you. Please remove that puka shell anklet that you bought last vacation. There’s nothing that will ruin a cute formal outfit (job interview, wedding, dance, holiday, etc.) like a manly watch, a homemade hemp necklace or those rubber band bracelets that were popular last year. I know a girl who always wears this bracelet that’s a thick piece of thread and a variety of those ribbon hair ties. ALWAYS. I just want to shake her and tell her that collecting cheap jewelry (yes, people wear those ribbon hair ties as jewelry sadly) is not a hobby, and wearing it with your cute sundress is cramping your style.

What are jewelry trends that you don’t get?


  1. I love gold and I wear silver occasionally, and if it is well done a stack of bracelets can be beautiful. But I don’t like anything that is too bulky like this ring. And this arm party above is awful.

  2. I think one of the biggest downfalls of blogging to me was that I wore a shit ton of bracelets because that was cool. They were so loud, annoying and all that jazz but I wore them. I never understood how they were a party. I mean, I’m all of having fun but an arm party is not wearing a bunch of bracelets.

    P.S. the thumb ring one for me is really just because I have tiny fingers and that’s the only finger that will really hold a ring. But I understand your side.

  3. This post made me think of when I was a kid and used to wear stick-on earrings, ha ha. I am with you on the thumb rings, although I think Christina Ricci once made them cool in Casper 🙂

  4. Hahahaha, too funny! I love thumb rings though … I don’t know why I just always have! And arm parties are good in moderation 😉 Like maybe 5 bracelets at most, but that is probably even too many for me!

  5. Some people way overdo it with the arm party. I like to stack my bracelets but 12 bracelets on one are is a bit much. lol. I do love me some pinky and thumb rings though 🙂

  6. I like small arm parties…no more than three bracelets at a time…and it’s not that I don’t like thumb rings, they would just drive me nuts trying to type!! Ha!

  7. I agree with all three! Although, like Shanna said, I do like small stacking. 3 is a good max. I don’t do bracelets because I type all day so they just get really annoying. I have big fingers so I don’t wear rings ever. I’m pretty plain when it comes to accessorizing. One necklace, stud earrings, nothing more.

  8. I’m with you- and while I may wear a stack of bracelets, they never go allll the way up my forearms. Also, it’s so HOT and uncomfortable to wear so much jewelery in the summer, no? How do these girls stand it?

  9. I really don’t get how people tolerate the arm candy, bracelet stacking situation. If I wear even one bracelet or even a watch, I take it off at my desk at work. Doesn’t it drive them crazy? I actually like how 5-7 Alex & Ani bracelets look stacked together but every time I so much as consider buying one, I’m reminded of who much they drive me crazy. Maybe you get used to the feeling?

  10. I have no idea how people manage to type while wearing 10 bracelets. I would have to take them off the minute I got to my desk! I feel like they would make a ton of noise all the time, and annoying the life out of my coworkers/classmates.

    I have actually never seen anyone wearing multiple ribbon hair ties as bracelets! Why would anyone think that is a good idea?

  11. This post made me actually LOL. I don’t get thumb rings AT ALL. Seriously. what’s the point? Those can’t possibly be comfortable…. xx

  12. Haha “I start to question your motives.” I have a thumb ring on right now, I wear it all the time! It’s just a gold band I got from Greece that doesn’t fit any of my other fingers, and it means a lot to me. I totally agree with casual jewelry at formal events. Big no no.

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