How to Create a WordPress Blog With Bluehost

create a wordpress blog with bluehost

I often get asked “How do I start a blog like yours?” It’s a short question but a sometimes complicated answer. Thankfully, there are companies that work to make this process easy for first-timers who are clueless about the world of websites. I have been using Bluehost since the beginning and I use them for my hosting and domain names. They have really great deals, excellent customer service and an installation process that only takes a few clicks. Seriously. I recommend them to all my friends based on my personal experiences with them and my 3 websites.

If you want to start a blog but are lost on the process, follow these easy steps below. It’s as simple as entering in your domain name, credit card info and clicking on “Install”. Bluehost does an automatic WordPress install– something other services don’t offer, and what initially attracted me to use them as my hosting company.

bluehost homepage

First, go to the Bluehost homepage by clicking here. You’ll notice they are offering a discounted price on their monthly hosting, which is awesome. Click the green “get started now” button to begin. Have your credit card and domain name ready!

bluehost new domain

If you have an existing domain name and want to transfer it over to Bluehost, you’ll enter the box on the right. If this is your first time purchasing a domain name, fill out the box on the left. You’ll then be prompted to fill in information like your name and address.

bluehost packages

Here you will choose the package you want. If you buy a 3-year domain, your price will be lower, so I suggest doing that. If you want your information to be private (address, phone number, etc.) you can choose that option (Domain Whois Privacy). After you’ve made your choice, you’ll enter in your credit card information and you’re almost done!

bluehost dashboard

You’re now finished with the registration part of the process. You can now easily install WordPress- the CMS that you will to use to create your blog, manage your blog posts, etc. You will be brought to your dashboard- the central area where everything is stored. Click on the “WordPress” icon where the red arrow is pointing.

bluehost wordpress

Click “start” to install. You won’t need to click “import” unless you previously starting installing WordPress and something went wrong or the process timed out.

bluehost wordpress install

Here you will choose the domain you registered earlier. The domain will be checked and verified.

bluehost easy install

Then enter in the name of your blog, the admin username (make this something easy to remember, like your name or e-mail address) and password. You will use these to log in to your blog. Check the checkbox that says “Automatically create a new database for this installation” and install. You’re done!


  1. I need to bookmark this post- I’m on free WP right now, and am thinking (ie, seriously considering) about making the switch to self-hosted this year. (Eeek! Big girl stuff!)

  2. Ah great post! I did exactly that! I was with Go Daddy and blogger but then moved to Blue Host and Word Press and have not looked back!

  3. My friend is planning on starting a blog so I’ll have to share this post with her 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Ugh I’ve been wanting to switch over to WordPress forever now, it’s just so daunting! Thanks for sharing bluehost though

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