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business card for blog

At my last job, we had some kick-ass business cards. Sure, I didn’t end up giving out all 100+ of them in the 2 years I worked there, but it was still nice to have them for networking events and whatnot. I’ve been blogging for a few years now but haven’t taken the plunge in purchasing business cards. So when contacted me about receiving a sample of their business cards, I jumped on the opportunity.

All of their business cards are 100% customizable. They offer a variety of pre-made designs and layouts for you to use, or you can upload your own custom graphics and text, like I did. All I had to do with upload my logo and write a few lines of text- I chose to use my blog URL, e-mail and Twitter and Facebook handles. The graphics came out well and the text was easy to read. Their business cards are also really affordable, especially for receiving 250 of them. Seriously- what am I going to do with 250 business cards? I’m thinking of leaving them in secret, fun places like on the train, in the bathroom stalls, etc. I’m just kidding…sort of.

They also offer custom signs, magnets, bumper stickers and more, but the business cards were the most appropriate for my personal use (or I could have totally made a sign for my blog and put it on a major NJ intersection, but I figured I’d take the safe route with business cards). is giving away 250 business cards to one lucky winner. Just enter below for your chance to win.

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  1. Your cards came out so cute! I am ashamed to say I still don’t have blogger business cards. Entering the giveaway to hopefully change that 🙂

  2. those cards are so perfect for your blog! they really fit with the entire theme. and i give out business cards more than i thought – at events, instead of putting my number in new friends phones etc. i go through them so quickly!

  3. This is such a great giveaway! I’m still working my way through my box of 100 and that was AFTER a blog conference haha. They turned out great 🙂

  4. I really like these! So funny, I ran into a blogger at an event last night and she handed me here card. My boyfriend then asks “why don’t you have business cards?” And to that I realized, you know what, I should! 🙂

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