Beach Day

Today I’m enjoying my last day of my mini-vacation at the beach with some friends. I rarely take any vacation days unless it’s for the holidays to travel home, so I treated myself with a Friday and Monday off for a beach weekend with my college friends. Unfortunately there was a change of plans and distance became an issue, so I couldn’t go. However, I try to always make the most of situations, so I made alternate plans (a recap of those coming up soon!) and Monday’s plans are the beach.

my beach essentials

My essentials include this cute Aerie swimsuit (which I actually own- I love the color!) and my trusty Ray Bans that actually fit my small face, which is quite the task. A bright beach towel is another must, although I’ll end up with sand all over myself anyway. I can get really bored when laying in the sun, which is why I always have to listen to music. Thisย SunnyLife Beach Radio is cute enough to tote around. I love my Loft Strappy Bow Sandals– they are comfy enough for the beach but are a little fancier than those $1 Old Navy flip-flops. My latest beach reading material is Jenny Mollen’s “I Like You Just the Way I Am“, which I’m looking forward to laughing at. Finally, to keep my skin and lips protected from the sun, I’m using myย Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion and Sugar Lip Treatment.

What are your beach essentials?ย 


  1. Cute! I love that towel and really want to try Sugar lip balms. I hope you’re enjoying your time off even though your plans changed! It’s always good to take a little time off, but it’s hard to do sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

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