What Makes Me Sparkle #sparklewithDASANI

I’m just going to put this out there- I’m not a big fan of soda. I would drink it at birthday parties growing up (so maybe 10 times a year?) and occasionally as a mixer when I went to bars in college, but I prefer water and unsweetened tea as my drinks of choice. However, plain old water can be a bit boring, which is where sparkling water comes in. Dasani has recently launched a new product – DASANI Sparkling (a sparkling water). Their sparkling water adds the carbonation of soda, the health benefits of water and a fruit flavor so my tastebuds won’t ever get bored.

As someone who works in marketing and is constantly working to brand herself along with her clients, I can appreciate the branding behind DASANI Sparkling. Yes, it’s sparkling (carbonated) water, but it also sounds glamorous- who wouldn’t want to be described as “sparkling?”

So when DASANI asked me to describe what makes me sparkle, I immediately though of my blog. It sounds silly, but my blog is a hobby that also really makes me feel good about  myself. I get to share my personal struggles and triumphs and there are people out there who actually care. I get to make new friends- online and in real life- and have a huge support system. I have the opportunity to put my writing out there for others to read, and that’s an awesome feeling. My blog is a great opportunity to really show my sparkle, as cheesy as it may sound.

DASANI is also currently giving away a grand prize of a Sparkling Getaway- which is a trip to the Westin Diplomat in Ft. Lauderdale which includes airfare, hotel and spa treatments for 4 people. Entering is as easy as uploading a photo of what makes you sparkle to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #SparkleWithDASANI. You’ll also want to like @dasaniwater so they can contact you if you win.  The winner will be selected in early August.

This post is sponsored by DASANI, but all opinions are my own. 


  1. I’m a total iced tea fiend, too. (Unsweetened, yesss!)
    I need to try this Dasani Sparkling- I don’t drink much soda either, but a little carbonation now and then can’t hurt (especially if it’s low on the sugars!). 🙂

  2. I love that your blog makes you feel good about yourself, it’s such a nice feeling to have a creative outlet like this! Maybe I could drink this for the month that I don’t allow myself any pop whatsoever.

  3. Oh I will have to check this out. I do not drink soda at all ever, however I do drink seltzer so this is right up my alley!

  4. Sparkling water definitely sounds more glamorous than work tap water! haha. I haven’t tried the Dasani kind yet, but definitely want to. This trip sound absolutely wonderful though!

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