Sand Cloud Review


Every now and then I see an invention and think to myself, “Man, I wish I had created this!” Usually it’s while I’m watching Shark Tank and other times it’s when I stumble upon it online, usually on Buzzfeed. One of those products I’m speaking of is Sand Cloud.

Sand Cloud is a new beach life style company that came out with a unique summer product for beach lovers. The Sand Cloud is marketed as “the most comfortable towel you will ever buy”. The product incorporates a built in removable pillow in a high-end Turkish towel. The built in, removable pillow provides the head and neck support that your body needs to get comfortable. It’s made from 100% handwoven Turkish cotton, is eco-friendly and is built to last. It’s also machine washable and lightweight- which are crucial for days at the beach.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy laying out in the sun but often give up halfway through because you’re uncomfortable with the way you’re laying. The Sand Cloud props my head up at just the right angle. If you’re laying on your back, it helps your neck from getting store. And if you’re laying on your stomach, you can rest your head on the pillow. Genius!

Sand Cloud also has a strong passion for giving back and protecting the ocean, which is why they are donating 10% of net profits to several foundations that support the preservation of marine life. You can read more about the company and purchase the product here via their Kickstarter page. Help support a fun start-up and enjoy your beach vacations!

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  1. did you hear about the blankets that lets the sand go right through? it’s supposed to be awesome for those of us who tend to collect sand on their towels (which is me). I’m really interested in it!

  2. I recently came across these as well and thought….GENIUS!!!! I am so grabbing one for next summer.

  3. SO smart- and so cute. I used to pile up sand underneath my towel to form a pillow back in my florida girl days. Love this!

  4. Wow this is a great idea! I’m always so uncomfortable when I’m laying out! This towel is a game changer! And it totally enables my beach bumming behavior :P!

  5. That happens to me all the time too! I swear I had the idea for shoes that turned into skates first. lol. P.S. I love the Shark Tank too!

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