Fancy Feast® Broths- A Treat For Your Cat

fancy feast broth

It’s no secret that I’m a cat lady. My little Bella is like a child to me (in a totally non-weird way) and I love to spoil her. In addition to the scraps of human food she gets every once in a while (she loves deli turkey meat) and the collection of toys she has, every now and then I like to give her some type of wet cat food. That’s why I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out Fancy Feast® Broths as a part of this sponsored post program.

fancy feast broths

The Fancy Feast® Broths were the perfect treat for her. They are made from real ingredients like high-quality seafood, are created without by-products or fillers, and are perfectly pre-portioned. The snack is a combination of broth and real seafood and veggies, which are both things Bella seems to really enjoy. She jumped right in and began to chow down on the broth. I like to think of this as the human equivalent of a fancy dessert you get at a nice restaurant for your birthday or something. Work with me here, people. After eating, she used her kitten energy to watch the birds play outside via the window.

bella window

bella kitchen

Bella isn’t as fluffy or photogenic as the furball on the packaging and commercials, but’s she still pretty darn cute, right? If she keeps the good behavior up, these broths may be a little reward. Food is always the best reward- that’s something her and I have in common.

If you have a cat, have they tried one of the 8 flavors of Fancy Feast® Broths? 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Fancy Feast® #LoveABowl  


  1. I’m more of a dog person (I did have two cats growing up but they acted more like dogs. They didn’t meow and like to play in water and would sleep with our boxers) but I know what you mean about your pets being more like children. Our two dogs are totally our kids. lol.

  2. it looks delicious! myy cat is very picky and he will get tired of the food very easily!

    he wonnt eat for days if he does not like it! i need some new more ideas liike this brand

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