Wildwood, NJ Vacation

In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the past week, I’ve been on vacation. James’ family invited me to tag along on their vacation to the Jersey shore- specifically Wildwood and Cape May. I haven’t been on any type of vacation since my senior year of college, so I was excited to spend some time on the beach finally. To break up all the photos, I thought I’d categorize the trip into a few different sections.

Wildwood, NJ Fun & Attractions

During our stay, we had a healthy balance of eating like pigs and having some light exercise. We took morning walks, played tennis and got plenty of walking done during nights on the boardwalk. Obviously many of our days were spent laying out on the beach or taking dips in the pool or ocean.

Elaine’s Theater and Haunted Mansion

James’ family has a tradition of going to Elaine’s Theater and Haunted Mansion. Elaine’s is a hotel, restaurant and theater all rolled into one- and it’s haunted to top it off.  The 3-course meal was great, while the pirate-themed show was a little cheesy. It’s nothing that a few grapefruit cocktails couldn’t help fix though- they made everything a little extra funny. And we ended the night off by going on a ghost tour where a staff member of Elaine’s took us throughout Wildwood and shared ghost stories of the many haunted hotels, bed and breakfasts and other buildings in the area.

close up 3 girls

grapefruit cocktail
new jersey sand

cute summer dresses

paisley dress

Wildwood, NJ Food & Restaurants

Wildwood and Cape May have so many restaurants- most are known for their out-of-this-world seafood. Since we were only staying for about a week, we could only make it to a few restaurants during our stay. Some of the restaurants and food shops we ate at include Sal’s Pizza, Tony Luke’s, Wawa (for snacks), Cape May Fish Market, Menz Restaurant and Bar, & 2 Mile Restaurant. I didn’t end up taking many photos of food since I devoured the meals before I had the chance to. Oops.

In terms of dessert, I am in love with water ice, specifically the chocolate flavor. James and I liked it so much that by the second beach day, the girl working the snack shack already knew our order- one large chocolate ice with two spoons. We also indulged in huge ice cream sundaes at the infamous Sea Shell Ice Cream.

cape may shops

cape may dinner

chocolate water ice


Wildwood, NJ Boardwalk

Wildwood’s boardwalk is longgggg. Sure, some of the shops are repeated (you can get pizza every 30 seconds of your walk) but there is a variety of fried treats and fun games to waste your money and time on. I indulged in some funnel cake, Dippin Dots and chicken tenders during our 2 trips to the boardwalk.

Then there are the 3 piers of rides. James was the all-star of the night when he received the day’s high score for the 3-Point Basketball Shootout Game. I was very proud. Since roller coasters and rides that spin are not my friend (hello, motion sickness), I participated in the rides and attractions that didn’t make me vomit, like the Haunted Pirate House. If you ever want to have a fun time and be scared shitless, I highly suggest this ride. And go with friends or a significant other so you two have someone to hold on to/scream with.

The rides here are crazy. James’ sister went on so many roller coasters, Tilt-a-Whirls and crazy, upside-down rides that I was just amazed. The craziest one was “It”, which had you spinning upside down completely- I think. I could only watch for a few seconds without getting dizzy.

wildwood ferris wheel

3 point challenge

yellow sundress

wildwood boardwalk

it ride

wildwood w

Wildwood, NJ Condos

We stayed at Seapointe Village’s Pinnacle, a gorgeous rented-out condo that is walking distance from the beach. The balcony became our favorite spot to take photos since the lighting and backdrop were perfect. I loved the bedroom I stayed in, too (below is a shot of the cute sea-themed decorations that were throughout the building).

balcony view

wildwood maxi dress

seapointe village

condo view wildwood

jersey shore decor

paisley and plaid

condo balcony


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