Paisley Print Dress

paisley print dress

Band of Gypsies paisley dress (similar here) |   Target sandals

Now that summer is technically over, you’ll be seeing less photos of be wearing dresses and more wearing jeans and boots. The temperatures here in NJ are looking a lot like summer (80’s, baby!), so I haven’t put away my sundresses and sandals just yet.

paisley dress

This cute paisley dress, which I found at Marshall’s a few months back, is one that I just can’t stop wearing. I wore it previously on my vacation and got a compliment from an older hippie woman who said it was “beautiful”. lolz. So to embrace my inner hippie, I let my hair dry naturally and added a small braid to the front layers of my hair.

mixed media dress

band of gypsies dress

I was drawn to the pretty colors, the mix of fun paisley and floral patterns and the layered ruffles on the skirt of the dress. It gives the illusion of a fuller bottom while keeping the top/torso look thin.

The dress I bought isn’t available online anymore, but you can view all the other Band of Gypsies summer/fall items at Nordstrom.


  1. Your hair looks so pretty naturally! Gorgeous! Somebody needs to tell Mother Nature that summer is now over because it’s still in the 90’s here.

  2. You are sooooo tan!! And I just can’t put my summer dresses away yet…it’s still in the 90s here!! I love the print on this one…wish it wasn’t sold out! Super cute!!

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