We’re Engaged!

This past week has been crazy, so the news is a week late here on the blog. But if you follow me on any form of social media, you may already know that last Saturday, October 4th James and I got engaged! We’re so incredibly thankful to all our family and friends for their outpouring of support and kind words (and a few nice cards and gift cards!) I can’t stop staring at the gorgeous ring on my finger and it’s hard to believe it’s all happening.

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OurΒ Engagement Story

Last Friday James and I headed to my parent’s house in upstate NY for our annual fall weekend. At least once a year we visit my parents during the fall to see the gorgeous shades of the fall foliage, stuff our faces with apple cider donuts and my Mom’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and make a trip to the nearby farm/apple orchard. It’s a special time of year and we always look forward to it. Saturday we visited a few local places to do “all the fall things” and then started on our trip back Β my parent’s house.

As we pull in to the garage, I notice lit candles and rose petals adorning the steps of the garage leading into my house. I was confused, but still not sure what was going on (I wasn’t expecting an engagement at all this weekend, so I didn’t even have it in the back of my mind). As I opened the door to my house, the candles and rose petals continued and I saw a huge “Congratulations” sign with a table full of champagne, desserts, balloons, roses, cards and more. In typical Rachel fashion, I shouted “Hellooooo. Is anyone home?” and “Congratulations? For what?” That’s when, in my confused state, James turned to me and asked me to marry him.

Without going into too many personal details and reciting every word he said to me during the propsal, the month of October holds a special place in our heart. Taking trips to visit me at my parent’s house (when we living long-distance for the first two years of our relationships) in the fall was always the best time for both of us. So asking me during our “favorite weekend” at my parent’s house meant so much to me, him and to my family. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful proposal ever and was perfect for us. We’re more of a quiet couple and neither of us wanted a huge scene to be made in public.

We immediately called down my parent’s (who were hiding upstairs after helping to set up all the candles and rose petals) to celebrate and called James’ family as well. We popped some champagne, were told we had planned dinner reservations and told all our friends and family members the news. The next day we traveled to James’ parents house for another dinner and celebration. Let’s just say I’ve had enough champagne for a few months…

halo engagement ring


pink ring

sylvie ring

The Ring

The ring is just perfect. It’s exactly what I wanted (a halo style setting with a center round diamond with a skinny band) but even better. The diamond is so shiny and sparkly that I can’t stop looking at it. You know you have a nice ring when your mother is in disbelief at it’s appearance, everyone says “OMG IT’S HUGE!” and your co-workers are constantly making jokes about how it’s blinding them. The ring is designed by Sylvie and was purchased at a local family jeweler near where James grew up.

The Wedding

No, I don’t know when we are getting married yet. We just got engaged, people! I would assume sometime in 2016 in the summer or fall though. Planning weddings take a while, you have to book things wayyyy in advance, and I need to save up some money.


  1. I actually just planned my wedding in roughly eight weeks! No one says you HAVE to have a long engagement :). Congratulations, I know you’re so happy!!

  2. CONGRATS! That is so so so exciting πŸ™‚ I was so excited to see it on FB πŸ™‚ And the perfect ring indeed, he is a keeper for sure πŸ˜‰ Excited to hear more about wedding planning!

  3. Congratulations!! Our engagement was also done at my parents’ just with family and I loved that too. Your ring is stunning also πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy it though!! Wedding planning can be stressful, but just remember that the focus is on the marriage, not the wedding πŸ™‚

  4. CONGRATS LADY! Sounds like an amazing proposal – and that ring is ah-mah-zing! So happy for you two! xx

  5. CONGRATS!!! Yay! Beautiful ring! Enjoy being engaged! I remember when I got engaged, someone told me to totally savor it. Strangers always congratulate you when you’re engaged.. but once you’re married, it’s like no one cares, hahaha. πŸ™‚

  6. congrats rachel! so sweet that he chose a weekend that was already special for you both and included your family. that ring is pretty similar to what i want someday, so of course i’m in love with it! πŸ™‚

  7. So exciting! Congratulations! I love the way he proposed – so sweet! Good luck with wedding planning! I’m in the midst of it right now so if you ever want to chat with a fellow blogger about it, I’d be happy to πŸ™‚

  8. Oh so happy for you Rachel, congrats again, what a beautiful setting he picked to propose and that ring is simply gorgeous <3

  9. Congratulations!!!! Your ring is absooooluteeelyyyy AMAZING!!! Enjoy this crazy time of being engaged πŸ™‚ Sometimes the wedding will seem sooo far away, but the time totally flies by.

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