BHLDN Bridal Week Bash- Blogger Happy Hour

bhldn mannequin

This past Thursday I was invited to a blogger happy hour by BHLDN, which was held at the Anthropologie Showroom in New York City. If you’re not familiar with BHLDN (pronounced be-holden), they are a sister brand of Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters that specializes in everything bridal. They feature a similar aesthetic to their sister brands (in my opinion), which is somewhat eclectic, vintage and actually affordable. In addition to selling their merchandise online, they also have a few stores in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago and a new one in NYC.

The event featured a first look at some of their Spring 2015 pieces, including bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, decor and more. They had some delicious appetizers via Poppy’s Catering (the pretzel bites were amazing) and a nice bar, where I chose two glasses of a white wine. Dry Bar NYC was there to pamper everyone, Bracken Floral was there to help us create our own floral crowns and Shutterbooth New Jersey was there to snap all the smiles. As a parting gift, I received this gorgeous floral robe (perfect for getting ready and lounging in the morning) that I can’t stop wearing.

As a side note, I was so hesitant to go to a blogging event alone, knowing no one. I’m a natural introvert so events like this aren’t really my strong suit. There were a few “bigger” bloggers there, which made me chuckle that I was invited as well. In typical blogger fashion, most people were very cliquey with their own groups, not even paying attention to someone like me, but the 4 ladies of BHLDN who attended were the sweetest. So, this is a big shout-out to Ashley, Jessica, Rebekuh and Danielle for putting on a great event and being so nice. I loved getting their personal engagement and wedding advice since this newly-engaged girl needs all she can get!

 poppys catering

bhldn food

BHLDN back of dress

bhldn wedding dress

bhldn photobooth

bhldn bridal gowns

bhldn bridesmaid

bhldn centerpieces

bhldn decor

bhldn flowers

bhldn sparkly dress

bhldn spring dresses


  1. These dresses are so pretty, how cool you got to go after you just got engaged. Lol on your bigger blogger comment, trust me that’s how it is everywhere.

  2. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I like what I see. That second dress from the bottom is so gorgeous. Even though I’m not engaged, I would have been in heaven 🙂

  3. This was perfect timing for you!! I bet you got lots of great ideas and inspiration!! I am sorry girls were cliquey…believe me…I know how that feels. I am proud of you for going!!

  4. I didn’t know it was pronounced be-holden! I’ve sounded like an idiot for awhile now, haha. Thanks for setting the record straight! Looks like it was a fun event 🙂

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