Fall Foliage & Pumpkin Picking

Every year, James and I enjoy doing fall things- both in Upstate NY when we go to visit my parents and here in New Jersey. Over the years, at these fall events we’ve pet baby goats and cows, ate our weight in apple cider donuts and fudge, and even got to hold baby bunnies (they were so tiny and warm and you could feel their hearts beating right against your hands).ย Here are a few snaps from the weekend we got engaged and this past weekend. You can tell which photos are from NY/VT and which are from NJ- the closer you are to New York City, the less beautiful and colorful the trees are. Sorryย city dwellers, but it’s true. Although I live in a rather rural area of New Jersey with lots of trees, it still isn’t as beautiful as Vermont and Upstate New York where I grew up.

Vermont & New York

vermont pumpkins


james and trees

vermont foliage

vermont trees

New Jersey

couple eating

corn maze

perfect pumpkins

fresh veggies

indian corn

tiny pumpkins

vintage truck

weak fall foliage


  1. Looks so gorgeous and like so much fun! Two of my friends and I always go to Apple Hill in CA each Fall and it’s always so much fun to eat apple cider donuts ๐Ÿ™‚ And then I always do it again with the family! Can’t get enough of the Fall gorgeousness!

  2. I wish we had a “true” fall here in Texas. These pics are gorg…we def don’t have foliage like that! Glad you guys got to get out and enjoy!

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