Margarita Halloween Costume

margarita halloween costume

This year’s Halloween costume was very last-minute. The entire month of October I was slammed with work, after-work activities, and big life changes. Therefore, I put off my Halloween costume until the last minute. But in typical Rachel fashion, I managed to think up something cute and unique for just around $30. Here’s how I made my DIY margarita Halloween costume.



  1. Trace around the collar/neckline of your dress (the curvier it is, the harder it will be to get the perfect cut) on the white piece of felt. Draw a one-inch “collar” and cut it out. Glue or sew this onto the collar/neckline of the dress as the “salt”. If you are feeling crafty, you can add glitter so it looks more like real salt.
  2. Glue 3-4 decorative lime slices (found at your local craft store) to one shoulder/neckline area of your dress.
  3. Put a straw in your hair with a bobby pin and you’re done!


wilson home improvement halloween costume

James went as Wilson from “Home Improvement” for Halloween- how cute was his costume?


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