Gifts for Cat Lovers

Crazy cat ladies (and men) rejoice- here’s a holiday gift guide for fans of felines. I just love alliteration, don’t you? In my opinion, you can never have enough cat items, so why not adorn your wardrobe, bedroom and office with these cat-themed gifts? I’ve already purchased the Grumpy Cat calendar below to hang up in my new cubicle- I think it’ll be a real conversation starter if I’m being honest.

If you have the time, love and space to purchase an actual live cat for Christmas (for yourself or a friend/family member), PLEASE do so. Visit your local animal shelters and cat hospitals instead of buying. Adopt, don’t shop. You’ll bring a smile to the recipient’s face, help save an animal’s life and give a cat a nice, loving home. What would be cuter than a kitten underneath the Christmas tree?


gift for cat lovers

Grumpy Cat Calendar  |  Kitten Confidential Shaker Set  |  Cat’s What I’m Talking About Sweater  |  Danya B Cement Cats Bookend Set  |  Cats & Dots Cosmetic Bag  |  Year of the Critter 2015 Calendar in Cats  |  Check Meowt Graphic Socks


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