Faux Bangs Hairstyle

faux bang hairstyle

Bangs- you either love ’em or hate ’em, right? Back when I was a bleach blonde with ringlets, I had bangs that my mother styled every day. Then, as I got older, I tried the whole side bang trend. It looked okay when I straightened my hair, but with my natural wavy texture, they just always looked messy and weird. Ah, beauty regrets.

Now that I finally know how to style my own hair, I probably could rock the bangs if I actually thought they would look good. But I don’t. But one look I’ve been seeing lately that I might try to pull off is the faux bang look. No, I’m not talking about actually wearing fake bangs that you can buy at your local Sally Beauty, but instead styling the front pieces of your hair as if they were bangs. Sort of like a chic come-over, if you will.

how to get fake bangs

Chi 44 Iron Guard  |  Solano Professional Super Lite Ionic Tourmaline Hair Dryer  |  Sephora Collection Deluxe Round Brush  |  Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray

To get the faux bangs look, you’ll need to follow a few steps. Wash your hair and pat dry. Apply a heat protectant and blow dry your hair up-side down first to get maximum volume. Then part your hair deeply and diagonally on one side and blow dry the “bangs” (the front portions/layers of your hair) toward your ear with a round brush. This creates the faux bangs and will keep them staying. Lightly spray the area with hairspray and hide a bobby pin or two in there if you have crazy hair that you just know won’t stay put throughout the day.

This look works well for updos, too- see Jennifer Love Hewitt or various runway models for further inspiration.


  1. I love the faux bangs look! I do it all the time because I’ve had too many run-ins with bad (really bad) attempts at having bangs. I think you would look great with this hairstyle!

  2. I have always wanted bangs, but I have the teenie tiniest forehead. So I always do the side sweep or faux bang look. BUT I have definitely been liking to keep it very Kim K, split down the middle. Definitely need to get some of that Anti Humidity Spray living in Houston.

  3. I’ve always wondered if I would look good with bangs. I just can’t commit to them.. partly because I had a traumatizing experience with bangs back in 3rd grade. I should try the faux bangs look! 🙂

  4. I love this style! I go back in forth between having bangs and then growing them out, so this is a nice change for my current growing them out phase.

  5. I had bangs when I was little and then again a few years ago. It drove me nuts having to keep getting them cut so often. This is a much easier idea!

  6. I have tried to perfect this look several time and I have been seriously unsuccessful! I definitely need to try these products.

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