Slicked Back Hair

slicked back hair

When it comes to my hair, I’m not that adventurous. I try lots of new styles, like braids, updos and different types of curls, but when it comes to cutting, coloring or trying a runway look, I’m not exactly a trend-setter. So when I see celebrities or models wearing the slicked-back hair look I imagine myself trying it. And then I laugh.

I wish I could pull it off though- it’s super easy to achieve, it looks laid-back and it hides dirty hair. It also is a great hair style for women who want to show off their face (a.k.a. naturally beautiful women, those bitches!) and not ideal for those who want to have all eyes on them. Learn how to get this glossy updo below.

how to get slicked back hair

Mebco Volume Detangler Comb  |  Living Proof Hair Spray  |  Bobby Pins

Start off by washing your hair as you normally do. Right after showering, comb your hair back (eliminating your part and thus preventing one from forming) prior to letting it dry. While it’s still damp, spray the heck out of your hair with a strong-hold hairspray. You’ll need to use more than you usually do, so don’t be shy. The key here is to avoid any heavy waxes or gels since those can make your hair look greasy and heavy. If your hair is prone to falling or doesn’t hold well, use a few hair-colored clips to hold back the sides of your hair. Pulling the sides taut allows the top area of your hair to have a little more volume, which is key to the look.


  1. i don’t know, i love how it looks on rosie and emma above, but i think if i tried it it would just look like i had greasy roots! i also think it looks better on darker hair for some reason!

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