Shirts Tied Around the Waist

shirt tied around waist

Today we’re going to have a friendly debate about a fashion faux paux that is now becoming a trend: the shirt tied around the waist. The look that is often synonymous with soccer moms on their power walk is now being seen in In Touch on celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie.

On my latest trip to the mall (to Garden State Plaza, aka Hell on Earth in NJ), I got so hot from walking around and trying on clothes that I opted to tie my sweatshirt around my waist to avoid carrying it alongside my already-heavy work bag. Clearly I do not give a fuck.

I noticed that more people than usual were paying attention to me, and even caught a few younger women giving me the up-and-down look, clearly judging me for tying a piece of clothing around my waist. “It’s comfy!” I wanted to say. “I’m sweating my ass off and my hands are already full with shopping bags”, I told them with my eyes.

Clearly these mallrats have not seen the long list of celebrities and fashion icons/bloggers who sport this look on purpose, to make a fashion statement. It’s one of those “so lame it’s not become cool” trends, like wearing overalls or Bart Simpson-printed crop tops. I think it’s a fine and practical solution for when you become hot or when you are anticipating to be cold and need somewhere to store your spare jacket- like on a hike or something. And dare I say I like the way some street style shots show the styling- like tying a plaid button-down shirt around your waist with cute boyfriend jeans and a casual tee. I’m all for 90’s style, so this one is A-ok in my book.

So what do you think? Do you love or hate this style? 

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  1. “Clearly these mallrats have not seen the long list of celebrities and fashion icons/bloggers” – This made me laugh out loud, just the other day I was wearing my plaid shirt over my waist because it was too hot here for the extra layer.

  2. Okay, next time just walk around with People magazine and point out that you are clearly not on their level because you are so far ahead of the trend. You are basically a petite celebrity so they need to move out of the way.

  3. Hahaha, you are so awesome Rachel! I love this trend, I think it is really chic actually! So go tell those mall rats to get a clue! Anyway, I also agree that it makes sense if you get hot or am anticipating it getting colder later on!

  4. I was walking around my office building outside one day and I got hot so I took my jacket off. I didn’t want to carry my jacket the whole walk so I tied it around my waist. It’s not “fashionable” per se, but quite frankly I’d rather look goofy and not hold the jacket than hold it/wear it and be uncomfortable.

  5. I love this look! I wore a plaid shirt tied around my waist and an old man behind me in line thought it was a skirt and when he realized it wasn’t, he told me I need to be careful with my outfit because I might accidentally bring kilts back in style. lol.

  6. I can definitely get behind this! I don’t think I can pull of the grunge look, but the above is the perfect example of it done right.

    Also, HAPPY 2015! I’m so late to the party…but I hope you had a lovely holiday and new years!

    1. Hi Rachel and all the girls watching this! I’m obsessed with tying my hoodie around my waist, (always unzipped if it’s a zip hoodie)! This is mostly because my boyfriend really loves it, and he tells me it makes me look sexy and cute. Also, I just love the comfy chill vibes it brings as well! I also love tying a flannel around my waist as a fashion statement too. For anyone who agrees with me, reply #TiedAroundtheWaist everyone!! Love y’all!!! ❤️❤️

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