Latest TV Obsession: Broad City

broad city

Since moving in with James a year-and-a-half ago, I’ve had the luxury of the magical invention that is Netflix. In addition to that, we also have a pretty good TV package (he wanted certain sports channels, while I was fine with the basics and then Bravo, of course) and get on-demand shows with our Verizon package. Needless to say, when we’re bored we turn to TV. We’ve binge-watched lots of series together- and some separately- which brings me to my latest TV show obsession: Broad City.

Yes, I realize the show’s been out for about a year now, but honestly the commercials never made me want to watch it. I’m a huge fan of Comedy Central’s Workaholics, and constantly saw commercials for this while watching that. Oddly enough, the best way for me to describe Broad City is a “female version of Workaholics“. If you share a similar sense of humor with me, then you need to watch both of these shows.

Broad City follows the lives of two 20-something females living in New York City. I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t there already a show like this on HBO called Girls?”. Yes and no. While Girls certainly has its comedic moments, it’s more of a dramedy (comedy + drama), while Broad City is basically just a comedy. They talk about sex, friendships, relationships and money- just like on Girls– but Broad City tackles the issues in a more laid-back and “Oh my god that literally just happened to me” way. And the broads of Broad City tend to smoke a little more weed than I imagine Marnie ever has.

The show deals with a variety of issues 20-something females deal with, ranging from underemployment (Abbi wants to be an artist but instead works as a glorified cleaner at a fitness center) to awkward first date stories (Abbi admits to taking a dump while their toilet won’t flush when her neighbor crush is over
). Not to be outdone, Illana is a total nutjob who constantly wears belly shirts and leggings like it’s her job. She’s the type of friend who is always there for you, but also doesn’t give a shit if she embarrasses you in public.

The show’s mixture of awkward moments, clever writing and weird jokes has me hooked. And if you’re not convinced to watch it yet, Amy Poehler is an executive producer. Keep supporting funny women and check it out!


  1. I have never heard of this show. I know it’s because I’m poor and don’t have HBO but now I really, really want to check it out because I feel like it’s basically my life.

  2. I just found this show recently too and I am in love. I don’t think I had laughed so hard in ages (maybe the last time I watched Workaholics) I wish I would’ve started with this show sooner. This is definitely the much more relatable 20-something show over GIRLS.

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