Spoiling my Cats with Cat’s Pride

cats pride litter

Since I don’t have kids (wayyy too young for that right now), my two cats are basically my children. I clean up their messes, wipe their butts, talk in a “baby voice” to them… you get the picture. I’d even say that I tend to spoil them more than I ever treat myself.

Adopting pets from a shelter is a wonderful thing. So many stray cats are dropped off in cardboard boxes at local shelters by people who can’t take care of them or don’t want them (these people are terrible). Shelters take the cats in, help them get better and then bring them into local pet stores for adoption. We adopted both of our cats from our local Petsmart through a local shelter. Our newest addition, Harvey, was found behind a bush by someone doing community service. It breaks my heart, but also makes me feel good knowing that now he has a nice home and parents who spoil the crap out of him.

So what do I do to spoil them? Toys, snacks, and the best litter in town, of course!

cat chasing mouse

cats pride litter

bella and harvey


Cat’s Pride® litter has no fillers and uses highly absorbent clay to keep everything clean and fresh, which is great for us and the cats. It’s up to 50% lighter, provides 10-day odor control and is 99.9% dust free. Unlike some competitive lightweight litter brands that use lightweight fillers like paper, wood chips or light density rock that don’t absorb, Ultimate Care has no fillers and uses highly absorbent clay to provide pure performance. Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care is truly Light Done Right!™


Cats are weird. Bella doesn’t like the traditional cat toys, and prefers things like my hair ties and the twist-off plastic seals from milk jugs. Weird, I know. Harvey, who is still a playful kitten, will play with anything. He loves catching the red dot with our laser pointer and was overjoyed when we broke out a remote-control mouse Cat’s Pride sent over.


We feed our cats typical cat food and treats, but they also sometimes get a little human snack. Bella is obsessed with plain cooked chicken and deli turkey, while Harvey will try to eat just about anything we are chewing on. Don’t worry- we don’t feed them human food or let them get into anything they shouldn’t.

playing with mouse

harvey the cat

I’m partnering up with Cat’s Pride® to give away one 12lb. Cat‘s Pride Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™ container. So fellow cat ladies, enter below and spoil your furry friends!

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I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Cat’s Pride® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Yeah I felt like my sister wrote this whole post hahaha, she’s a mama to two kitties as well and seriously spoils them more than she spoils me. (Not bitter or anything…) And she schedules my weekends far in advance when she needs a cat nanny 😉

    Your cats are so cute!

  2. My favorite way to spoil my little diva Jasmine Sue is by giving her lots of treats & brushing her as much as I can..she loves the pampering! She will be 14 this spring..she was a barn cat & given to me 🙂

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