Old Job, New Job


Today is my first day at my new job in New York City. A few weeks ago I was reached out to about a position at a tech company for a content marketing writer position. I’m used to getting various recruiter emails– I even wrote about how annoying some of them can be in this post— but this one was legitimate, personalized and a perfect fit for my skill set. So after numerous phone and in-person interviews, I was offered the position and accepted it.

I’m extremely excited for this new opportunity. It’s a great company, allows me to write more than my last job did, and I feel like I can grow within my career here. But with all the excitement, and nervousness, of a new job comes sadness for leaving my previous job. I truly loved my old job, and the two years I spent there were amazing. I had a commute that was almost too good to be true (a 30-minute train ride and a super short walk from the station to my office), worked in a field that I love (SEO) and had the best co-workers. Everyone I worked with was extremely smart, kind and just all-around awesome. Not only have I made professional connections with many of my old co-workers, but I feel like I gained a few real, lifelong friends as well.

There’s a lot I’ll miss about working at my old job in Hoboken. I’ll miss my boss, who is a superstar in the SEO and social media community. He was not only a great mentor, but also a friend. I’ll miss my team members, who I worked with on a daily basis and told me “our department will fall apart” upon me leaving. The week leading up to me leaving, I received such kind words from all my co-workers (and an adorable card and picture frame as well!). No, I didn’t cry, but there were times when I felt like it. It sounds super nerdy and cliche to be sad about leaving a job in your 20’s, but I truly will miss a lot about my time there.

I’m assuming I’ll be fairly busy with my new job and everything else in-between, so bear with me if things get a bit quiet around here.


  1. Congrats on the new position! leaving the comfort of an old job is so scary but just think of all the new friendships and relationships that will come out of your new job. Congrats again!

  2. Wow, that sounds like an awesome opportunity! Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye, but taking risks like this are so important career wise! Enjoy it in the City – I used to work in Times Square and definitely took it for granted 🙂

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