Floral Embellishments

I have a funny story for you regarding floral embellishments and appliques on clothes. A few years back, I tweeted a photo and link of a cute dress I bought for an upcoming wedding. I was excited about it and wanted to share with my fashion-forward followers (alliteration)! Seconds after tweeting the photo, a girl I went to college with tweeted a snide remark about how floral appliques on clothes are just ugly and she hashtagged #notfeelingit. It was not a coincidence that seconds after I tweeted my photo, she tweeted that — it was, in fact, her way of trying to get under my skin. Childish, indeed. But I got a good laugh out of it and now I’m writing about it here.

Clearly wearing floral embellished clothing isn’t new to me (and clearly there are people out there who are just #notfeelingit), but lately I’ve been seeing it pop up everywhere from clothing to accessories. I don’t consider myself super girly, but one thing I do love is a good floral print or accent. Guilty as charged. So if you enjoy the trend like I do, you can shop some of my favorite pieces below. If not, just don’t passive-aggressively tweet about it. Thanks.

floral embellishments

Floral Appliqué Chiffon Blouson Dress  |  Floral Embellished Clutch Bag  |  Lace Embellished Flower Top  |  LACIE Embellished Ballet Flats  |  Embellished Collar  |  Fairmont Floral Embellished Leather Sandals  |  Nasty Gal So Fresh Flower Shades  |  Floral Embellished Dress


  1. People that do rude things like that really annoy me. Like really?? I think it’s such a fun trend and those flats are sure to make any day a little more fun!

  2. Wow – people are so rude. I can’t believe she did that! So unnecessary. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all… Well, I for one really like floral embellishments! I think they really help add texture to an outfit!

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