Paper Crown Bridesmaid Collection

paper crown bridesmaids

Last week I wrote about ASOS’ new line of bridesmaid dresses, so I thought this week I should highlight another non-bridal store brand, Paper Crown. Paper Crown may sound familiar to some of you — mainly you Lauren Conrad fans. I unabashedly love everything Lauren has done, especially her fashion choices, so it’s no surprise that I stumbled across this line of bridesmaid dresses. Lauren Conrad’s designs are a modern take on classic style, with an emphasis on fabric fit to create staples for the contemporary women’s closet.

The colors run from traditional feminine pink to darker, moody colors that would be great for a fall wedding (think burgundy and a dark lilac). Most of the dresses are long (which I personally prefer), and can easily be worn as a wedding guest dress as well. They aren’t too stiff like some of the traditional bridesmaid dresses you see at larger chains like David’s Bridal. I’m a big fan of the flowy, romantic dresses and this collection is just that.


  1. Love this collection! It’s hard to find pretty and flattering bridesmaid dresses so it’s nice to see some good options out there.

  2. Such pretty dresses! They don’t look like ‘typical’ bridesmaid dresses at all. REALLY pretty.

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