My Favorite Engagement Ring Trends of 2015

Over the past few months (or really the past year), my social media accounts have been flooded with engagement announcements, which I think is awesome. If you came here hoping for a post complaining about this, you picked the wrong girl. I’m not one of those girls who rolls her eyes at engagement photos or subtweets things like “All my friends are getting married and I can’t even commit to what I want for dinner.” If you are one of them, please read this. I wrote it for you a while back.

Anyway, back to the topic. I love seeing my friends and acquaintances being happy and going through this exciting life stage. I also, like most women, enjoy looking at the rings. Not really in a superficial way, but more because I like fashion and jewelry and seeing these types of things excites me. So even though I already have my dream ring on my finger (thanks, James!), I still love looking at other women’s rings.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding ring trends of 2015- colored gemstones, floral shapes, marquise cut, and oval.   Which one is your favorite?

engagement ring trends 2015

Gemvara Cushion-Cut Aquamarine Candace Ring  |  Gemvara Matilda Red Garnet Ring  |  14K White Gold Sabrina Artcarved Engagement Ring  |  Sylvie Floral Round Brilliant Halo Diamond Engagement Ring  |  Sylvie Classic Marquis Diamond Engagement Ring  |  Gottlieb & Sons Ring Number 28973  |  Brilliant Earth Delicate Antique Scroll Diamond Ring  |  Brilliant Earth Waverly Diamond Ring


  1. Unfortunately, I’m one of those girls who can decide what they want for dinner lol, but I still enjoy seeing engagement posts on my feed. Love the oval shaped rings! So pretty!

  2. I love seeing about engagements. I have to admit I also love sharing though lol. I agree with you all those engagement rings are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I love all of these trends! I’m a huge fan of both oval and marquise cuts – I love the statement they make. I have a pear so basically the two combined ;). I’m also a fan of the floral shapes, they are so pretty, though a little too girly for me personally.

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