September is the Busiest Month


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been missing from this blog lately. Life sort of just took over. The month of September has been so busy for me, hence the lack of posts. So I figured I’d recap all the happenings in my life lately in a blog post — so meta, right?

Labor Day

For those of you who think I’m a basic bitch, I’m here to prove you wrong. I didn’t even make a trip to the beach all summer until Labor Day weekend. Since we’re in Northern Jersey, most trips to the beach are around two hours away (not including the dreaded beach traffic), which is definitely doable when you have a free weekend. But with all the weddings and wedding-related events we had this summer, it just wasn’t happening. So I was happy to finally get to spend a long weekend at a friend’s beach house in Avalon, NJ. It was a much-needed weekend away filled with lots of sandwiches, laughs about our college inside jokes, and great weather. I love you fall, but I don’t want summer to end just yet.

Inbound 2015

I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Hubspot Inbound marketing conference which took place a few weeks ago in Boston. It was my first traveling experience for work (and I don’t travel often in general since I’m poor), so it was fun to experience and to get that opportunity. I headed out to Boston with a few of my coworkers for the 4-day event. It was great to attend certain sessions on topics that I deal with daily on my job, like writing, content marketing, employer branding, and SEO. Did I mention I really love my job?

In addition to the marketing speakers and authors who spoke, I also got to see a few “famous” people as well. I attended a Q&A session with Marc Maron which focused a lot on his career, specifically the growth of his podcast, WTF with Marc Maron. As one of the first really successful podcasts, he definitely paved the way for others. In addition, he’s a comedian, actor, and writer.

aziz inbound

I also got to see Aziz Ansari talk about his new book Modern Romance. Although this was more of a Q&A session than stand-up, he read excerpts from the book and told some hilarious stories he heard along the way, making it feel like we were watching his own comedy special. His talk was early in the morning, which prompted him to say, “Isn’t 9 a.m. a little early for me to be telling dick jokes?”

Lastly, I got to see Amy Schumer perform stand-up (all new jokes that will be told on her upcoming comedy special) one of the nights, and it was hilarious. I’ve been an Amy fan for a while now and I think her show is brilliant, so it was awesome to get to see her in person. I don’t want to spoil any of her upcoming special’s jokes, but I’ll just say this — you won’t be disappointed. Topics included Katie Couric, Hillary Clinton, her experience being a woman in Hollywood, and dieting.

amy inbound

Rhode Island Wedding

Right after I got back from the Hubspot conference, I had to pack my life up and head to Newport, Rhode Island for a friend’s wedding. My group of girlfriends from high school and I rented a house to make the Sunday wedding into a mini-vacation. We went wine tasting, caught up on small town gossip, and had some amazing Mexican food to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Then, obviously, we got to see one of my oldest friends get married. She looked gorgeous in her grandmother’s gown (seriously, who can pull that off?) and I’m so happy for her and her new journey. Nostalgia, man.


high school friends

james and i rhode island

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos, I haven’t uploaded ones from my nice camera yet. Also, a lot of you commented on Instagram/Facebook asking about my dress (or complimenting it- thanks!). So here are the details of my wedding outfit (both from Nordstrom).

Steppin Out Illusion Lace Fit and Flare Dress  |  BP. Luminate Open Toe Sandal


  1. I’m a walking cliche with this statement, but where did the first half (and then some) of September go?! I had so many things I wanted to get accomplished and now it’s crunch time. My boyfriend’s mom and sister saw Amy Schumer and said she was great!

  2. GIRL! YOU WERE AT INBOUND?! I’m so sad, no I wasn’t there, but my boss and teammate were! They had a blast, I hope you did too 🙂 They think I should go with next year. Anyway, you look gorgeous at the wedding, love your dress!

  3. Wait that is so cool! That is like a perfect performance combo! Amy is amazing and Aziz is hilarious! and LOVE your dress!

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